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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published February 1945
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Jean M. Press; Jack Byrne (Managing Editor)

Cover Details - "Nipponese Temple of Swinging Death"

Genre war
Pencils Joe Doolin
Inks Joe Doolin

10 page Firehair story "It Happened Yesterday"

Characters Firehair [Princess Smith; renamed Lynn Cabot in issue #24] (intro; origin); J. B. Smith (intro; her father; renamed John Cabot in issue #24); Little Ax (intro); Chief Tehama (intro); VILLAINS: Fingers (intro); Blackie (intro)
Genre western
Script ? [as John Starr]
Pencils Lee Elias (signed)
Inks Lee Elias (signed)

9 page U.S. Rangers story Nipponese Temple of Swinging Death ["There's the house, Captain, but I warn you..."]

Characters U.S. Rangers; VILLAIN: Madame Blu (intro)
Genre war
Script ? [as Capt. R.W. Colt]
Pencils George Tuska (signed)
Inks George Tuska (signed)

6 page Werewolf Hunter story "The Mistress of the Moonblood"

Characters Professor Broussard [the Werewolf Hunter]
Genre horror
Pencils Lily Renee
Inks Lily Renee?

2 page text story "Beachheads of the World"

Genre war
Script ? [as R.E. Ballou]
Letters typeset

6 page The Sea Devil story "Frantically, a native girl paddles across the lonely..."

Characters The Sea Devil
Genre war
Script ? [as Morgan Hawkins]
Pencils Jack Keller (signed)
Inks Jack Keller (signed)

8 page Glory Forbes story "Start it aboard the luxury yacht Bonita...start..."

Characters Glory Forbes
Synopsis Glory becomes a bikini dancer.
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Bob Hickok]
Pencils George Tuska
Inks George Tuska

7 page The Phantom Falcons story "Peg and John are out on patrol..."

Characters The Phantom Falcons [Jock Sturtevant; Ace Ely; Peg Darnell; John Lovelace; Bud]
Genre war
Script ? [as William Brooks]
Pencils Ruth Atkinson?
Inks Ruth Atkinson?
Notes Last Phantom Falcon story.