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Issue #8
Published January 1943
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing ?

Cover Details

6 page Admiral Nimitz story "Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet"

8 page Peter Francisco story "One Man Army of the American Revolution"

5 page Louis Mountbatten story "Commando Commander"

4 page Fighting Blood story

Notes about father and son soldiers

8 page They'll Fly Again story

Notes about a bomber crew

2 page text article "Real Heroes Quiz"

Script Natalie Purvin Prager
Letters Typeset

5 page Hugh Glass story "The Man Who Wouldn't Die"

2 page text article "Real Heroes Hall of Fame"

Letters Typeset

4 page Yanks Launch Jap Carrier story

2 page W. E. Fairbairn story "He Teaches Commandos to Get Tough"

4 page Claude Becker story "Sailor from Nevada"

1 page Murray Patrick story "Canada's All-Around Athlete"

4 page J. E. B. Stuart story "Ghost of the Confederate Cavalry"

1 page text article "Reel Real Heroes"

Synopsis brief film reviews
Letters Typeset

8 page Escape story

Synopsis about escapes from occupied Europe