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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published March-April 1946
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details

2 page Victory of Faith story

Notes four chaplains go down with the ship Dorchester

5 page Jimmie Smith story "24,000 Miles to Find His Man"

Notes boy delivers a message to the president of South Africa

3 page Man Hunt story

Notes commandos kidnap a Nazi general on Crete

1 page Emma Sansom story "Confederate Patriot"

6 page Helen Keller story "Conquest of Darkness"

1 page Paul Revere story

3 page Ab Hanley story "Danger in the Deep"

Notes recovering lost depth charge

2 page Bird Hero story

Notes war use of carrier pigeons

2 page text article "Real Heroes Quiz"

Script Natalie Purvin Prager
Letters Typeset

2 page Earle J. Annett story "Spy Catcher"

Notes Nazi spy caught in Quebec, 1942

5 page Arthur Chan story "China's Warhawk"

Notes fighter pilot

2 page text article "Real Heroes Hall of Fame"

Letters Typeset
Notes Lieutenant Colonel Boyd 'Buzz' Wagner

8 page Kiska Surprise story

Notes about bombing Japanese concentrations in the Aleutians

2 page Charles Thomas story "Victory at Climbach"

Notes first living African-American winner of Distinguished Service Cross

3 page Edward Gibbons story "Sweating it Out"

Notes Sweating it Out is the name of a bomber