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Issue Details

Issue #56
Published February 1967
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Pat Masulli (Executive Editor); Dick Giordano (Managing Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Thunderbolt [Peter Cannon]
Genre superhero
Pencils Pete Morisi
Inks Pete Morisi

15 page Thunderbolt story "Beware... the Cobra [Special Case 0007]"

Characters Thunderbolt [Peter Cannon]; Tabu; The Cobra (dies in this story) Flashback cameos: The Hooded One; Evila; Gore, the Man-Ape; the Tong; The Mummy (all from Thunderbolt's previous cases)
Synopsis After looking at his old cases files that Tabu has been keeping, Thunderbolt stops a slave ring ran by a man named the Cobra. The Cobra uses a mind control potion he invented in order to keep his victims compliant.
Genre superhero
Script Pete Morisi [as PAM]
Pencils Pete Morisi [as PAM]
Inks Pete Morisi [as PAM]
Letters typeset

1 page letters page "Thunderbolts"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters of comment from readers Larry Good; Jerry Clark; Bill Greenhouse; Bill Martin.

10 page Sentinels story "Where Walks ... The Titan!"

Characters Sentinels [Helio [Rick Strong]; Mentalia [Cindy Carson]; Brute [Crunch Wilson]]; Ed (a tv show host); The Protestors [Rick Strong; Cindy Carson; Crunch Wilson]; The Colonel (the Protestors' agent); The Titan
Synopsis After their gig as the hot singing group "The Protestors" on Ed's show, the Sentinels are challenged to battle by an inhumanly strong android named the Titan.
Genre superhero
Script Gary Friedrich (signed)
Pencils Sam Grainger (signed)
Inks Sam Grainger (signed)
Notes Although not named as such, Ed is really Ed Sullivan.