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Issue Details

Issue V1#20
Published June, 1949
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Charles J. Levy; Charles Santangelo

Cover Details

Characters Jimmy Wakely; Tim McCoy
Genre Western
Pencils Mario DeMarco (signed)
Notes note the cover only has the title "Western Movie Stories"-this is not in the indicia

1 page Western Aces biography (nonfictional) "Bob Steele"

Synopsis inside front cover mini-bio of cowboy star Bob Steele
Genre Biography
Pencils Mario DeMmarco (signed)

7 page story "Tim McCoy Brings Back the Bring'Em Back Kid"

Characters Tim McCoy
Synopsis For months now Bill Benson, owner of the Tumbling Ranch had been the victim of cattle rustlers so he calls on Col Tim McCoy for help.
Genre Western

5 page Pecos Bill story "Yessir! Pecos Ah is sure yo' will make a good target"

Genre Humor
Script Clinton Harmon
Pencils Clinton Harmon
Inks Clinton Harmon

4 page biography (nonfictional) "The Colt"

Synopsis mini-bio of Sam Colt
Genre Biography
Pencils Mario DeMarco (signed)

2 page text article "Pioneering With Gen. Putnam"

Synopsis From the scrapbook of Col. Tim McCoy--text article about Israel Putnam
Genre Biography
Letters typeset

4 page Western Lingo story "Well hello there again readers"

Synopsis Tim McCoy describes different western phrases.
Genre Fact
Pencils Mario DeMarco (signed)

5 page story "Gun Runner"

Synopsis based on the the Monogram Picture "Gun Runner" staring Jimmy Wakely and "Superman's" Noel Neill.
Genre Western

1 page story "Billy the Kid"

Synopsis one page bio of Billy the Kid
Genre Biography
Pencils Mario DeMarco (signed)

4 page Along the Trail story "The Birth of Tombstone"

Synopsis Tim McCoy talks about the famous western town of Tombstone
Genre Fact
Pencils Mario DeMarco (signed)

1 page biography (nonfictional) "Jim Bridger"

Synopsis inside back cover mini bio of pioneer Jim Bridger
Pencils Mario DeMarco (signed)

1 page advertisement

Synopsis back cover ad for "Lone Ranger" ball point pen set