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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published Winter 1945
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details - "Thrill Packed Action stories"

Characters Duke of Darkness; Beau Brummel; King O'Leary.
Genre detective; superhero; adventure
Pencils John Giunta; Gerald Altman; ?
Inks John Giunta; Gerald Altman; ?

7 page King O'Leary story "Murder in the Numbers Racket!!"

Characters King O'Leary (a crime-fighting reporter)
Genre detective
Pencils Gerald Altman
Inks Gerald Alman
Notes First line: "Many a ruthless killer and cunning racketeer..."

1 page Anybody's Guess filler "untitled"

Genre fact
Notes A "Believe It or Not" type of page.

12 page Duke of Darkness story "When horrible dreams come to life..."

Characters Duke of Darkness; P. G. Banks; Slumber (villain)
Synopsis The Duke must battle Mr. Slumber, who has come back from the dead to give nightmares to a man who is, in life, mean and ruthless.
Genre superhero
Pencils John Giunta [as Jay Gee] (signed)
Inks John Giunta [as Jay Gee] (signed)
Notes Looks like this story could have inspired Steve Ditko on Doctor Strange and the villian Nightmare. Reprint info and synopsis added by Craig Delich 10-25-08.
Reprinted in Men of Mystery Comics (AC, 1999 series) #72 (2008)

9 page Beau Brummel story "The World's Greatest Store"

Characters Beau Brummel
Genre action

9 page The Menace story "When someone makes wild statements - and they come out!"

Characters The Menace
Genre superhero; science fiction
Pencils Lou Ferstadt
Inks Lou Ferstadt

7 page The Magnificent Epod story "Epod, lone survivor of lost Atlantis, is having a little trouble coping..."

Characters Epod
Genre humor
Pencils Autust Froelich?; Charles Voight?
Inks Autust Froelich?; Charles Voight?

3 page Whippet Wilkins story "I hate to spend my last twenty cents..."

Characters Whippet Wilkens
Genre humor
Script Al Prossy?
Pencils Al Prossy [as Prossy] (signed)
Inks Al Prossy [as Prossy] (signed)