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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published March 1985
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Tom DeFalco

Cover Details - "The Face of Doom"

Characters Mr. Fantastic; Hulk; Human Torch; Captain America; Wasp; Professor X; Thor; Spider-Man; Iron Man [James Rhodes]; Spider-Woman II; Doctor Doom
Genre Superhero
Pencils Mike Zeck
Letters Typeset

26 page Marvel Super Heroes story "...And Dust to Dust!"

Characters HEROES: Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; The Thing; Professor X; Cyclops; Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Rogue; Nightcrawler; Captain America; Iron Man [James Rhodes]; She-Hulk; Thor; Wasp; Hawkeye; Captain Marvel II; Hulk; Spider-Man; Spider-Woman II; Zsaji; VILLAINS: Dr. Doom; Magneto; Klaw; Absorbing Man; Lizard; Wrecker; Thunderball; Piledriver; Bulldozer; Dr. Octopus; Molecule Man; Enchantress; CAMEO: Kang
Synopsis Doom explains that the Beyonder is dead and now he has ultimate power in the universe; Molecule Man attacks Doom and is shown the true potential of his powers; Molecule Man and the villains move to the area of Battleworld that was pulled from Denver and Owen shoots the bad guys into space to return to earth; The heroes rest in Doombase and a mysterious beam first invades Hulk and then transfers to Spider-Woman; Colossus spends the night with Zsaji; Doom summons the heroes to his new tower and offers to grant their wishes but they decline; The force inhabiting Spider-Woman transfers itself to Klaw; The heroes decide that Doom with the Beyonder's powers is too dangerous to exist and choose to battle him one last time; As the last vote is cast, they are destroyed in a gigantic explosion.
Genre Superhero
Script Jim Shooter
Pencils Mike Zeck
Inks John Beatty
Colors Nelson Yomtov
Letters Joe Rosen