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Issue #6
Published October 1984
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Tom DeFalco

Cover Details

Characters Galactus; Ultron; Lizard; Dr. Doom; Doctor Octopus; Absorbing Man; Klaw; Titania; Piledriver; Thunderball; Bulldozer; Wrecker
Genre Superhero
Pencils Bob Layton
Inks Bob Layton
Letters Typeset

24 page Marvel Super Heroes story "A Little Death..."

Characters HEROES: Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; The Thing; Professor X; Cyclops; Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Rogue; Nightcrawler; Captain America; Iron Man [James Rhodes]; She-Hulk; Thor; Wasp; Hawkeye; Captain Marvel II; Hulk; Spider-Man; Zsaji; VILLAINS: Dr. Doom; Galactus; Magneto; Dr. Octopus; Lizard; Klaw; Enchantress; Molecule Man; Abomination; Wrecker; Thunderball; Piledriver; Bulldozer; Titania; Volcana; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Dazzler; Kitty Pryde; CAMEO: Spider-Woman II (in shadows)
Synopsis Galactus begins assembling his equipment in his preparations to eat Battleworld; The Wasp crashes the ship she used to escape Magneto and ends up hanging out in a swamp with the Lizard; Dr. Doom discovers Klaw on Galactus' ship and sends him to relay a message to the villains; Xavier conducts a mind probe of the planet and learns a little of Doom's plans so he dispatches half of the X-Men to spy on the bad guys; Storm takes him to task for usurping her leadership; Colossus begins to develop feelings for Zsaji but she has already been spoken for by the Torch; Cyclops, Wolvie and Rogue take on Doom's small task force and Wolverine hurts the Molecule Man badly; Cyclops begins a chain reaction of volcanic eruptions; Another team of baddies show up to retrieve the Lizard and shoot the Wasp, presumably fatally, when she gets in their way.
Genre Superhero
Script Jim Shooter
Pencils Mike Zeck
Inks John Beatty
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters Joe Rosen