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Issue Details

Issue #v6#2 [22]
Published Spring 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Wheeler
Notes #22 (V. 6 #2)

Cover Details

Pencils Nina Albright
Inks Nina Albright
Notes #22 (V. 6 #2)

14 page Dick Cole story "[Farr Military Academy's crack wrestling team..."

Characters I: Will Hansen, Dr. Titch; V: Fiddler Finn, Red, Slats (I for all)
Pencils Jim Wilcox
Inks Jim Wilcox

1 page text story "Butterfingers"

Letters Typeset

8 page Lem the Grem story "Meet Lemuel Gremlin!"

Characters I: Lem the Grem (Lemuel Gremlin), David Nason, Mary, Ritzdorf
Pencils Nina Albright
Inks Nina Albright

7 page Edison Bell story "Tunnel of Terror"

Script Ray Gill
Pencils Harold DeLay
Inks Harold DeLay

1 page text story "Change For a Five"

Pencils J. Reeves
Inks J. Reeves
Letters Typeset
Notes Text story with Illustration

2 page Timid Tim story "Cold Facts"

Script Art Helfant
Pencils Art Helfant
Inks Art Helfant

10 page Cadet story "[Late one afternoon a car pulls up..."

Characters I: Jordan Hall, Jr.
Pencils Nina Albright
Inks Nina Albright