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Issue Details

Issue #1 [1946]
Published 1946
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 196
Editing Victor Fox ?
Notes Overstreet lists two 1946 issues, #1 and #1-Ribtickler. Since one of the two known sets of contents for this issue is a rebound Ribtickler, this issue would match #1-Ribtickler. But it could also match the other #1 as the other known content is a rebinding of the 1944 issue of this series. However, a separate 1946 issue under a different cover is believed to exist, although while its cover has been seen its contents including the publication date have not been verified. Indicia (on inside front cover): Entire contents copyrighted 1946 by Fox Feature Syndicate, Inc., New York, N. Y. Printed in U.S.A. This is the only known issue to bear both the "Great Comic Library / World's Greatest Comics" back cover (usually seen on issues published by Wm. H. Wise such as the 1944 issue of this series) and the winking foxhead logo. While there is no "published by" statement in the indicia, the copyright statement and brand logo make it extremely likely that Fox Feature Syndicate, Inc. was the publisher.

Cover Details - "A Treasure Trove of Comic Favorites"

Characters Puppetteer; Green Mask [Johnny Green]

1 page Roscoe Bear story "Alarm Clock"

Synopsis Roscoe finds an alarm clock in a cabin. Finding the ticking sounds soothing, he takes it back to his cave and sleeps with his head on it. But the alarm rings, scaring him, and we see him hiding behind a tree staring back at his cave, which is still ticking.
Genre humor
Notes Inside front cover, black and white line art. No words, only pictures.

192 page story

Reprinted Either Everbody's Comics #1 [1944] or Ribtickler #nn [1945], both 196-page giants. In both cases, these are rebound remaindered books, not actual reprints. No other variants are known at this time.

1 page Roscoe Bear story "Swing Jug"

Synopsis Roscoe finds a jug of honey suspended from a tree branch. He tries to grab it but just knocks it away and it swings back and hits him. Angry, he hits the jug so hard it swings all of the way around, hitting him on the head, but also cracking open so he can eat the honey.
Genre humor
Notes Inside back cover, black and white line art. No words, only pictures.