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Issue Details

Issue #v7#6 [72]
Published November 1946
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Wheeler (Editor and General Manager)
Notes BLUE BOLT, Vol. 7, No. 6, November, 1946, published monthly by Novelty Press Division of The Premium Service Co. Inc., P. O. Box 1198, Independence Square, Philadelphia, Pa., editorial offices, 119 West 19th Street, New York 11, N. Y. Index revised from a scan from

Cover Details

Pencils Wayne Boring [as Jack Harmon] (signed)
Inks Wayne Boring [as Jack Harmon] (signed)

9 page Dick Cole story "Laura Bradly, daughter of the Farr Military Academy football coach..."

Pencils Jim Wilcox (credited)
Inks Jim Wilcox (credited)

1 page "Pepsi" the Pepsi-Cola Cop advertisement "S.O.S. Police-boat long overdue..."

Notes Ad in sequential art form.

7 page Blue Bolt the American story Deep in a remote South American jungle, Blue Bolt battles..."

Pencils Wayne Boring [as Jack Harmon] (credited)
Inks Wayne Boring [as Jack Harmon] (credited)

7 page Sergeant Spook story "It was ironic that Dan Maxwell and his sister, Viola, should entertain Jerry..."

Pencils Don Rico (credited)
Inks Don Rico (credited)

1 page "U. S." Royal and His Jet-Propelled Bike; U. S. Bike Tires advertisement "Saving the Warden's Daughter!"

Pencils Al Plastino (signed)
Inks Al Plastino (signed)
Notes Ad in sequential art form.

2 page text story "A Watch for Terry"

Pencils E. J. Reeves (illustration, signed)
Inks E. J. Reeves (illustration, signed)
Letters typeset

7 page Edison Bell story "Late one evening, Edison's father arrives at his home..."

Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer

2 page activity "Edison Bell's Midget Sailboat"

Pencils Tex Blaisdell (signed)
Inks Tex Blaisdell (signed)

Half page filler "Why didn't yer pop's secretary mail out his circular letters, huh?"

Script Milt Hammer (signed)
Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer (signed)

5 page Fearless Fellers story "Saturday afternoon at Butch's house..."

Script Ray Gill
Pencils Joe Donohoe
Inks Joe Donohoe

5 page Krisko and Jasper story "This ain't a d-dream, is it?"

Script Jack A. Warren
Pencils Jack A. Warren (credited)
Inks Jack A. Warren (credited)