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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published March 1984
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Robin Snyder
Notes published under the imprint "Archie Adventure Series"

Cover Details

Characters Steel Sterling
Genre superhero
Pencils Rich Buckler (signed)
Inks Ricardo Villagran (signed)
Notes published under the imprint "Archie Adventure Series"

1 page letters page "Under The Gun! / Steel Shavings"

Script Robin Snyder
Letters typeset
Notes Both column titles are used on this page. The letters page continues later in this book.

8 page Young Steelers story "Too Easy Too Kill"

Characters Young Steelers [Asa; Wong; Red Wing; Carmen; April]; General George Armstrong Custer (historical flashback); Crazy Horse (historical flashback); Arthur (flashback from last issue); Georgie (dressed up as General Custer)
Synopsis The bus stops in Little Big Horn for the night. Red Wing is kidnapped after leaving a local store by someone dressed as General Custer. He takes Red Wing to the site of the Little Big Horn Battle, intending on recreating the battle with a much different result.
Genre adventure; drama
Script Robert Kanigher; Robin Snyder (page 1)
Pencils Charles Nicholas; Carmin Infantino (page 1, signed)
Inks Frank McLaughlin; Edardo Barreto (page 1, signed)
Colors Barry Grossman
Letters BTO (?)
Notes Highlighting Red Wing of the the Young Steelers. The splash page was originally intended for the cover. It was drawn by Carmine Infantino and Eduardo Barreto, and written by Robyn Snyder.

1 page Count Dracula story "Wooden You Know?"

Characters Count Dracula
Synopsis Dracula leaves a hotel quickly when a busboy delievers him a rare "steak".
Genre humor; gags
Script Frank Doyle
Pencils Stan Goldberg
Inks Mario Acquaviva
Colors Barry Grossman

1 page Little Archie story "Sent To The Showers"

Characters Little Archie
Synopsis When a rainstorm hits, Little Archie tries to convince his baseball teammates that its just a light sprinkle instead of a downpour.
Genre humor
Script Bob Bolling (signed)
Pencils Bob Bolling (signed)
Inks Bob Bolling (signed)
Colors Barry Grossman
Letters Bob Bolling (signed)

15 page Steel Sterling story "The Scent of Blood"

Characters Steel Sterling; Ms. Samson (first name 'Sheba' revealed in this story); Gayla; Rita; The Young Steelers [Asa; Wong; Carmen; Red Wing; April]; Honcho; an unnamed Indian shaman
Synopsis 4 prison inmates break out of prison and go on a shooting spree. They attack the bus, wounding Steel and forcing everyone off in the desert before taking the bus. Steel and Ms. Samson journey acrossed the desert to get the bus back, with Steel nearly dying from his wounds in the process.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Kanigher
Pencils Eduardo Barreto; Bill Dubay (page 1)
Inks Eduardo Barreto; Bill Dubay (page 1)
Colors Barry Grossman
Letters S. Gneiss

2 page letters page "Steel Shavings"

Script Robin Snyder
Letters typeset
Notes Appears between pages 10 and 11 of the previous sequence.