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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published 23 April 1977
Cover Price 0.08 GBP
Pages 32
Editing ? [as Tharg the Mighty]

Cover Details - "Goodbye, Giant! The Mad Avenger Has You..."

Characters Artie Gruber; Giant
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Dave Gibbons
Inks Dave Gibbons

5 page Invasion story "Ships"

Characters Bill Savage; Peter Silk; Commander Geoff Craig (death)
Synopsis Silk's plan to blow up the Volga fails, but Savage comes to the rescue with a fiery Plan B.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Gerry Finley-Day
Pencils Carlos Pino
Inks Carlos Pino
Letters Jack Potter
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

5 page Flesh story "Flesh Book 1 Part 9"

Characters Orville Wainwright (death); Mr. Wainwright; Mrs. Wainright; Slick Parsons; Hank; Joe Brontowski; "Claw" Carver; Earl Reagan; Old One Eye; Tharg the Mighty (cameo)
Synopsis The Dino-Express, a "time holiday" shuttle, attracts a herd of tyrannosaurs, including Old One Eye, with its Tyranno Horn.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Studio Giolitti
Pencils Boix
Inks Boix
Letters S. Richardson
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

4 page Harlem Heroes story "Harlem Heroes Part 9"

Characters Artie Gruber; Conrad King; Ulysses Cord; Giant; Slim; Hairy; Zack Harper; Cyrus Teegarten
Synopsis As the Harlem Heroes begin their game against the Montezuma Mashers, Artie Gruber aims his flamer-gun, right at Giant!
Genre Science Fiction
Script Tom Tully
Pencils Dave Gibbons
Inks Dave Gibbons
Letters Dave Gibbons

5 page Dan Dare story "Dan Dare Part 9"

Characters Dan Dare; Commander Monday; Mr. Milton; Dr. Ziggy Rodann
Synopsis Dare tricks the alien ship's mind and escapes in the Odyssey, only to land in the middle of the biggest battle man has ever fought.
Genre Science Fiction
Script Kelvin Gosnell
Pencils Massimo Belardinelli
Inks Massimo Belardinelli
Colors ? (pages 1 and 2 only)
Letters Jack Potter; Peter Knight

1 page advertisement "The Dynamic Duo Team Up With Corgi's Dynamic Trio!"

Characters Batman; Robin
Synopsis "Corgi's Dynamic Trio: The Batmobile, The Batboat, The Batcopter. In gift sets or individual models."
Pencils Frank Langford (signed)
Inks Frank Langford (signed)

5 page M.A.C.H. 1 story "Our Man in Turkostan"

Characters John Probe; Professor Nils Nansen
Synopsis Probe's mission entails removing Professor Nils Nansen from Turkostan, where his nuclear prowess could start World War III.
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner
Pencils John Cooper
Inks John Cooper
Letters Tony Jacob
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

4 page Judge Dredd story "Robots"

Characters Judge Dredd; George; Judge Diablo (death)
Synopsis At the 'Robot of the Year Show', Judge Dredd stops a wheelchair-bound maniac who will kill hundreds.
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Wagner
Pencils Ron Turner
Inks Ron Turner
Letters John Aldrich
Notes Story title is from 2000 AD website.

Half page letters page "Nerve Centre"

Synopsis Tharg explains why the normal letters and drawings page is missing.
Script ? [as Tharg the Mighty]
Letters Typeset
Notes There's no literal "Nerve Centre" text on this sequence, but it's clearly intended to function as its temporary replacement.

Half page story "Advertisement"

Synopsis A "Stamp Quiz" from The Stamp Club.

1 page Flesh activity "Flesh! Card Game Part 2"

Characters Earl Reagan
Synopsis Includes Rhyncosaur, Scolosaur, Ornithomimus, Earl Reagan, Ranger, Styracosaur, Pteranodon, and Alamosaur.
Genre Science Fiction