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Issue Details

Issue #44
Published February 1990
Cover Price 1.25 USD; 1.75 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Harras; Daryl Edelman (assistant editor); Louise Simonson (original material)

Cover Details

Characters Cyclops
Genre Superhero
Pencils Steve Lightle
Inks Steve Lightle

1 page X-Men illustration "Frontispiece"

Genre Superhero
Pencils Steve Lightle
Inks Steve Lightle
Notes Last Frontispiece illustration in Classic X-Men.

18 page X-Men story "Elegy"

Characters FEATURE: X-Men--Professor X; Cyclops (Leaves); Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Nightcrawler; Angel; Beast; Iceman; Kitty Pryde; GUESTS: John Grey; Elaine Grey; Sara Grey; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Jean Grey and pretty much Everyone from the X-Men's past
Synopsis During Jean's funeral, Cyclops gives a concise yet detailed history of the X-Men from the first 137 issues of the series; Cyclops leaves and Kitty joins.
Genre Superhero
Script Chris Claremont; John Byrne (co-plotter)
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Terry Austin
Colors Glynis Oliver
Letters Tom Orzechowski
Reprinted from X-Men (Marvel, 1963 series) #138

12 page X-Men story "Her First and Last"

Characters Rogue
Genre Superhero
Script Chris Claremont
Pencils Kieron Dwyer
Inks Hilary Barta
Colors Glynis Oliver
Letters Joe Rosen
Notes Last back up story in Classic X-Men