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Issue Details

Issue #39
Published November 1989
Cover Price 1.25 USD; 1.75 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Harras; Daryl Edelman (assistant editor); Jim Salicrup (original material)

Cover Details - "The Dark Phoenix Saga Part 5"

Characters Wolverine
Genre Superhero
Pencils Steve Lightle
Inks Steve Lightle

1 page X-Men illustration "Frontispiece"

Characters Nightcrawler
Genre Superhero
Pencils Steve Lightle
Inks Steve Lightle

17 page X-Men story "Wolverine: Alone!"

Characters FEATURE: X-Men--Professor X; Cyclops; Phoenix [Jean Grey)]; Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Nightcrawler; GUESTS: Angel; Banshee; Moira MacTaggert; VILLAINS: Hellfire Club--Sebastian Shaw; Harry Leland; Donald Pierce; Mastermind; Hellfire Soldiers including Angelo Macon; Wade Cole; Murray Reese [Later all 3 become Reavers]; CAMEO: Senator Robert Kelly
Synopsis Wolverine fights his way to his captured comrades while Cyclops and the X-Men wage a futile battle against the Inner Circle and their new Black Queen, Jean Grey.
Genre Superhero
Script Chris Claremont; John Byrne (co-plotter)
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Terry Austin
Colors Glynis Oliver
Letters Tom Orzechowski
Reprinted from X-Men (Marvel, 1963 series) #133

12 page X-Men story "Brigg's Revenge"

Characters Storm; Wolverine; Colossus
Genre Superhero
Script Ann Nocenti
Pencils Jim Lee
Inks Joe Rubinstein
Colors Gregory Wright
Letters Jim Novak
Notes Very early Jim Lee X-Men work.
Reprinted in Star Magazine (Edizioni Star Comics, 1990 series) #18