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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published October 1993
Cover Price 2.50
Pages 52
Editing Craig Anderson; Lynaire Brust (Assistant)

Cover Details - "The Eve of the Apocalypse!"

Characters Goddess; Captain America; Beast; Wolverine; Gamora; Scarlet Witch; Thor; Silver Surfer; The Thing; Spider-Man; Storm; Hulk; Iron Man; Sasquatch; Puck
Genre superhero
Pencils Ron Lim
Inks Al Milgrom
Letters Typeset

40 page Marvel Heroes story "Holy War!"

Characters HEROES: Infinity Watch [Adam Warlock; Drax the Destroyer; Maxam; Pip]; Avengers [Iron Man; Vision; She-Hulk; Spider-Woman [Julia Carpenter]; Rage]; Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; The Thing]; X-Men [Professor X; Cyclops; Wolverine; Forge; Psylocke; Iceman; Beast]; New Warriors [Night Thrasher; Nova; Speedball; Firestar]; X-Factor [Havok; Polaris]; Alpha Flight [Guardian [Heather Hudson]; Wildheart [Wildchild]; Northstar]; Hulk; Nomad [Jack Monroe]; Thanos; GODDESS' HEROES: Moondragon; Gamora; Living Lightning; Sasquatch; Black Knight [Dane Whitman]; Namorita; Silhouette; Hercules; Storm; Jean Grey; Archangel; Invisible Woman; Daredevil; Spider-Man; Quicksilver; Hercules; Captain America; Puck; Shaman; Talisman; Windshear; Thor; Sleepwalker; Crystal; Wonder Man; Firelord; U.S.Agent; Multiple Man; Wolfsbane [Rahne]; Scarlet Witch; Moon Knight; Aurora; VILLAIN: The Goddess; CAMEOS: Luke Cage; Skrulls
Synopsis On Paradise Omega, earth's forces take on the heroes controlled by the Goddess and battle toward her citadel but even Thanos is unable to stop the coming Rapture.
Genre superhero
Script Jim Starlin
Pencils Ron Lim
Inks Al Milgrom
Colors Tom Vincent; Mike Kenny
Letters Jack Morelli