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Issue Details

Issue V2#3 (9)
Published November 1942
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Captain Aero
Genre war
Pencils Allen Ulmer (signed)
Inks Allen Ulmer (signed)

1 page promo (ad from the publisher)

Notes Inside front cover promo for Blue Beetle (on sale about the 15th of every month)

11 page Captain Aero story

Characters Captain Aero
Synopsis A commando band outnumbered a hunder to one--a geurrilla army trapped on the brink of destruction--can the daredevil yankee flyer Captain Aero and his side kick Buster in an out-moded plane smash through the legions of the Black Baron to rescue the doomed men?
Genre War
Pencils Allen Ulmer
Inks Allen Ulmer

6 page Alias X story "Lesson In Silence"

Characters Alias X
Genre War; Spy

6 page Miss Victory story

Characters Miss Victory
Synopsis To her friends and associates, Joan waynes is just another stenographer employed on capitol hill... but to those who perpertrate any crimes against democracy she is the symbol of swift justice.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Chas. M. Quinlan
Inks Chas. M Quinlan

8 page The Red Cross story

Characters The Red Cross
Synopsis Although France's soil has been conquered, the fascist heel has not been able to conquer her heart.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Chas. Nicholas (signed)
Inks Sol Brodsky (signed)
Editing Chas. Nicholas (credited art and editing)

3 page text story "A Foray In the Night"

Synopsis 2 page text story with illos
Script Wilfred Waddington
Pencils Al. Tews
Inks Al. Tews

1 page promo (ad from the publisher)

Characters Catman; Kitten
Synopsis one page promo for Catman Comics
Pencils Chas. M. Quinlan
Inks Chas. M Quinlan

6 page Captain Aero's Sky Scouts story

Characters Sky Scouts
Synopsis Jimmy and Bobby those two rootin tootin scootin son's of advenure bring you another thrilling yarn direct from the case files of Captain Aero's Sky Scouts
Genre War

6 page Hammerhead Hawley story

Characters Hammerhead Hawley
Synopsis When the grim shadow of death and destruction struck upon the hapless "Mantaray" only five of its valiant crew still defied the treacherous enemy attack in the fog.
Genre War

7 page Commandos of the Devil Dogs story

Synopsis At an Allied Commando Base near the Burmese war front Captain Grey concludes the reading of the list of men killed or captured in the last daring midnight raid
Genre War
Pencils Chas. M. Quinlan
Inks Chas. M Quinlan

1 page filler "Lieutenant Commander Fighting Man Edward G. O'Hare"

Synopsis 1 page bio
Genre War; Bio
Pencils Ed Murphy
Inks Ed Murphy

9 page Flagman story

Characters Flagman [Major Hornet]; Rusty; Greezo Brothers (villains).
Synopsis Out of the crazy confusion of a mixed-up world comes the fantastic tale of the Flagman and Rusty's strange battle with the mad dictator's supermen the Greezo brothers.
Genre superhero
Pencils Alan Mandel
Inks Alan Mandel

1 page advertisement

Synopsis Inside back cover ad for book Wonders of Science Simplified
Script ? (ad copy)
Letters Typeset

1 page (backcovers) *do not use* / *please fix*

Characters Catman; The Deacon; King Billy; The Hood; Frank Fairplay
Synopsis Back cover proman for Cat-Man comics.
Letters Typeset