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Issue Details

Issue V4#3 [17]
Published October 1944
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details - "Captain Aero Comics"

Characters Captain Aero
Genre War; Superhero
Pencils L. B. Cole (Signed)
Inks L. B. Cole (Signed)
Colors L. B. Cole (Signed)

1 page advertisement

Synopsis ad for glow in the dark necktie
Script ? (ad copy)
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Notes indicia states October 1944 Vol.4 #3 Captain Aero Comics published by Continental Magazines on a bi-monthly basis

8 page Captain Aero story "The Killers In Kunai"

Characters Captain Aero
Synopsis Midnight in a remote Chinese-American airbase....
Genre War
Pencils Charles M. Quinlan
Inks Charles M. Quinlan

6 page Miss Victory story "Death from the Past"

Characters Miss Victory [Joan Wayne]; Dr. Hoshema (introduction, death)
Synopsis Joan is bored silly while visiting a museum, when suddenly a man rushes out, telling her that a Dr. Hoshema is going to kill him. As Miss Victory, she investigates, but is overcome, and when she recovers, she discovers the dying stranger, who gives her a scrap of paper, which turns out to be a mysterious chemical formula...a formula that the evil doctor wants!
Genre superhero
Pencils Nina Albright (signed)
Inks Nina Albright (signed)
Notes Much info added by Craig Delich (March 31, 2007).
Reprinted in Miss Victory Golden Anniversary Special (AC, 1991 series) #[nn] (1991) [in black and white]; in Men of Mystery Comics (AC, 1999 series) #64

6 page Red Cross story "The hero of this story is not a fictional character!"

Characters The Red Cross "Modern Master of Medical Arts"
Synopsis Red Cross battles the Japanese
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jack Alderman
Inks Jack Alderman

6 page story "Burma Roadsters"

Synopsis In March 1942 Japan took the famous Burma Road and China was cut off from the Allies.
Genre War
Pencils Rudy Palais
Inks Rudy Palais

2 page text story "Episode In the South Pacific"

Genre War
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6 page The Mighty Mite story "Yokohama Yokels"

Characters Mity Mite (Kid sized crime fighter); Tina
Synopsis Mity Mite must foil a department store robbery.
Genre Humor
Pencils John Giunta
Inks John Giunta

6 page story Salute to the Yanks "The Dog of War"

Characters Caesar (Dog)
Synopsis To the thousands of unsung Canine heroes who are loyally doing their part to help win the war this is the story of Caesar.
Genre War

2 page story "First Jap Killer"

Characters Captain Kenneth M. Taylor (first flier to down a Japanese plane during World War II)
Genre War; fact
Pencils Manny Stallman
Inks Manny Stallman

6 page Captain Aero's Sky Scouts story "The Pilot Who Looked Like Death"

Characters Sky Scouts ( boys group); Captain Aero
Synopsis they battle a Japanese who wears a Death Mask
Genre War
Pencils Ferstadt
Inks Ferstadt

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Synopsis inside back cover ad for a Wonderscope (two telescopes in one)
Script ? (ad copy)
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Synopsis backcover ad for book Wonders of Science Simplified
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