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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published December 1984
Frequency bimonthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing George Wildman (reprint editor)

Cover Details

Characters Punchy; Black Crow
Genre Funny Animal
Reprinted From Zoo Funnies (Charlton, 1953 series) #1

9 page Punchy and the Black Crow story "C'Mon, the cops are hot on our trail!"

Characters Punchy; Black Crow; Shorty
Synopsis Punchy tries to sell Shorty a talking dog.
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Phil Fago (signed)
Inks Phil Fago (signed)
Reprinted From ?

7 page Leon the Lyin' Lion story "The Art of the Cowboy"

Characters Leon the Lyin' Lion; Hambone; Horseneck; Clarabell
Synopsis Leon wins a trip to a dude ranch.
Genre Funny Animal
Reprinted From ?

1 page Zoo's Who story "Who's Who in Zoo"

Characters Punchy; Black Crow; Leon the Lyin' Lion; Nip the Cat
Synopsis 5 single panel joke cartoons.
Genre Funny Animal

7 page Nip the Cat story "The Jackpot"

Characters Nip the Cat; Mouse
Synopsis Nip the Cat has a bag of magic beans.
Genre Funny Animal