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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published November 1988
Cover Price $1.25
Pages 36
Editing Carl Potts; Tom DeFalco (chief)

Cover Details

Characters Doctor Strange; Dormammu
Genre Superhero
Pencils Kevin Nowlan (signed)
Inks Kevin Nowlan (signed)

28 page Doctor Strange story "Love is the Spell. The Spell is Death!"

Characters Doctor Strange; Wong; Sara Wolfe; Dormammu; Clea; Imei; Arnie Green; Silver Surfer; Avengers[Cameo]; Thor [Cameo]; Captain America [Cameo]; Vision [Cameo]; Hawkeye [Cameo]; Iron Man [Cameo]; Fantastic Four [Cameo]; Reed Richards[Cameo]; Invisible Girl [Cameo]; Johnny Storm [Cameo]; She-Hulk [Cameo]; Hulk [Cameo]; Victoria Bentley [Cameo]; Black Knight; Spider-Man (black costume)[Cameo]; Firestar [Cameo]; Nick Fury; Daredevil; Cloak; Dagger; X-Men [Cameo]; Wolverine [Cameo]; Rogue [Cameo]; Jean Grey [Cameo]; Shadowcat [Cameo]; Cyclops [Cameo]; Colossus [Cameo]; Topaz; Nightmare; Umar; Urthona; Kaluu; Erlic Khan; G'uranthic Guardian
Synopsis As super heroes gather for the funeral of Dr. Strange, he finalizes a battle at sea. After returning home for rest, Doc goes into his Astral Form. Dormammu takes over Doc's body and attempts to kill Doc's spirit.
Genre Superhero
Script Peter Gillis
Pencils Richard Case
Inks Randy Emberlin
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Janice Chiang
Notes continued from Strange Tales #19 (Marvel Comics, 10/1988).