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Issue Details

Issue #36
Published December 1991
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Rockwitz; Tom DeFalco (chief); Jim Starlin (advisor)

Cover Details - "At War With Warlock!"

Characters Doctor Strange; Adam Warlock; Gamora; Pip
Genre Superhero; Occult
Pencils Dan Lawlis (s)
Inks Andrew Pepoy (s)

22 page Doctor Strange story "Footnote to Infinity [Infinity Gauntlet crossover]"

Characters Doctor Strange; Clea; Rintrah; Imei; Wong; Topaz; Sara Wolfe; Scarlet Witch; Dr. Druid; Baron Blood II; Morgana Blessing; Pip; Gamora; Adam Warlock; Dr. Stephen Strange; Dormammu (C); Mephisto (C); Baron Mordo (C); Skrull (C); Eternity (C)
Synopsis Adam Warlock now wears the Infinity Gauntlet and its power is almost too much for him. Doc gets to use each of his old standby artifacts to counteract the Gauntlet's effects.
Genre Superhero; Occult
Script Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas
Pencils Dan Lawlis
Inks Andrew Pepoy
Colors George Roussos
Letters R Parker
Notes Infinity Gauntlet crossover; For a complete list of Infinity Gauntlet crossover comics, please see the series info page for the Infinity Gauntlet limited series. Story after Infinity Gauntlet 6; Morgana Blessing shown with black hair