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Issue Details

Issue #48
Published December 1992
Cover Price 1.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Barry Dutter (Assistant Editor); Mike Rockwitz

Cover Details - "Demon's Debt!"

Characters Doctor Strange; Ygothic Cyclopaens
Genre superhero; occult
Pencils Geof Isherwood (signed)
Inks Geof Isherwood (signed)

22 page Doctor Strange story "To Serve in Heaven"

Characters Doctor Strange; Wong; Ygothic Cyclopeans; G'urantic Guardian; Clea; Umar; Baron Mordo; Tiboro; Aggamon; Flyx; Dormammu; Vishanti; Oshtur; Hoggoth; Aggamotto; Trinity of Ashes; Griefsavor; Ygmlosvorraich; Mother-of-Pain
Synopsis Clea deposes Umar and Baron Mordo, only to unleash Dormammu. Meanwhile Doc has to call upon the Vishanti to save him from destruction, and they demand he accompany them for a 5000 year war.
Genre superhero; occult
Script Len Kaminski
Pencils Geof Isherwood
Inks Bob Petrecca; Barnett; Don Hudson
Colors George Roussos
Letters Pat Brosseau
Notes The Trinity of Ashes are the Primary Anatagonists in the War of Seven Spheres against the Vishanti