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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published September 1990
Cover Price 1.50
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio

Cover Details - "The Dark Wars Part 1 of Four: The Return of the Dread Dormammu!"

Characters Doctor Strange; Clea; Dormammu
Genre superhero; occult
Pencils Jackson Guice
Inks Jackson Guice

17 page Doctor Strange story "Mindless in Manhattan [The Dark Wars, Part 1 of 4]"

Characters Doctor Strange; Mindless Ones; Sara Wolfe; Morgana Blessing; Victor Strange (Cameo); Wong (Cameo); Imei (Cameo); Rintrah; Baron Mordo; Dormammu (Cameo)
Synopsis When Mindless Ones appear in New York, Doc suspects something is wrong in the Dark Dimension. Doc heads off to Clea's Dark Dimension palace but finds her minus the Flames of Regency and Dormammu in control.
Genre superhero; occult
Script Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas
Pencils Jackson Guice
Inks Tony Dezuniga(2-12); Mark McKenna(1,13-17)
Colors Richard Rasche
Letters Pat Brosseau
Notes Morgana Blessing wears Princeton t-shirt and watches MTV, her mom lives in Ohio

5 page Doctor Strange story "TBOTV: Legends and Lore of the Dark Dimension, Part 1"

Characters Doctor Strange (Cameo); Newton; Pythagoras; Einstein; DaVinci; Euclid; Georg Cantor; Oka'an; Eternity; Death; Galactus; Celestials; Watcher; Squadron Supreme; Hyperion; Cap'n Hawk; Whizzer; Archon; Negative Zone creature; Tiboro; Thor; Mephisto; Hercules; (Egyptian goddess?); Oden; Tazza; Nightmare; Olnar; Umar; Living Tribunal; Mindless Ones; Mhuruuks; G'uranthic Guardian; Dormammu
Synopsis A short lesson in multiverses, followed by the origins of the Dark Dimension and it first great rulers up to the time that Dormammu and Umar arrived.
Genre superhero; occult
Script Roy Thomas; Jean-Marc Lofficier [as R.J.M. Lofficier]; Randy Lofficier [as R.J.M. Lofficier]
Pencils Lee Weeks
Inks Doug Hazlewood
Colors Hugh Jasse
Letters Pat Brosseau
Notes G'uranthic empire led by G'uran the Great, established Azure Throne