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Satisfied Customers

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Not only do I enjoy your sturdy packaging, but my kitten loves the styrofoam nuts! Thanks for existing. My collection is nearing completion!
— Tawnya C., Flagstaff, AZ

Great website. I only ordered the other day, but you've got loads of goodies here.
— Anthony M., Retford, United Kingdom

Well, here I am again. Hope you can help me with my orders and want list. I was very satisfied with my first order and so I'm back with you guys!!!
— Rufo Enrico M., Quezon City, Philippines

Great site!! Easy to use and powerful search. Great selection!
— Sonia C., Pembroke Pines, FL

I'm glad I found you.
— Hayley B., Middletown, DE

Concerning the first order I made with your buisness I wish to thank you for the prompt delivery of the product in question. I will continue to do business with you based on that fact and the fact that your prices are very reasonable.
— Judith D., Holly Hill, FL

You guys rock! Every order I have received has been awesome! Thanks!
— Dominic M., Monterey, CA

I was both pleased and impressed with my last order. It pleases me to do business with you. Thanks.
— Alonzo R., Waipahu, HI

You guys rock.
— Oscar F., Bronx, NY

I'm going to have to put an addition on my house to put all the comics from you folks!! Seriously though, thanks for the terrific service and great reads!!
— Terry S., Nantucket, MA

I was so impressed with my first order, I couldn't wait to check out my second. Thanks a lot!
— Kathleen P., Florissant, MO

This is going to be my 2nd purchase from you.I must say I'm very pleased with your service.
— Omer G., Istanbul, Turkey

I like the way the site is set up, and you have a pretty good selection of back issues.
— Stephan O., San Antonio, TX

This site is by far the best site I've ever seen! Having an endless and diverse array of comics, action figures, ect., It's a one stop collector's site for just about anything! Keep up the amazing work, WOW!
— Leslie M. T., Union City, CA.

You're site is getting better and better. You'll be the king of online comic stores in no time (if you aren't already)! Keep it up.
— Jason W., Ambler, PA

I am very impressed with your selection, excellent service and convenience. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
— David R., Eden Prairie, MN

WOW!! Great prices. All my friends will know about this real quick!!!
— Bryan K., Elkhart, IN

First time here and I really liked how simple it is to find exactly what you need!
— Rebecca G., Salem, VA

I was very impressed with the amount of back issues that you had. It really helps in completeing the holes in my collection!
— Adam F., Lindstrom, MN

Great service and wonderful condition of product in my three previous orders. Thanks.
— Tom W., Destin, FL

My first time I shop from your site and I have to tell you this isnĀ“t the last time. Great site guys!!!
— Adolfo Victor G., Roma, TX

Thank you for being the pioneers in self-help with ease online comic ordering. I came here because you have always had thumbnail images of your stock, and you have programmed different links for appearances of characters and companies. SUPERB.
— John S., Boise, ID

This is my 3rd or 4th order and I've never had a problem. Keep up the good work!
— Mike O., Norfolk, MA

You guys have a great selection of stuff!
— Alan Q., Birmingham, AL

You guys are awesome. You did a great job last time. I was so impressed I came back. Thanks for the great work.
— Todd S., Lubbock, TX

Very good site. Always has what I need in the quantity that I need them. Good work.
— Steven W. P., San Bruno, CA

This is a pretty cool store.
— Luis V., Chicago, IL

Another successful shoping excursion.
— Ray T., Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for helping find almost every back issue I was looking for.
— Corey L., Nashua, NH

As always, THANK YOU for the simplest search and order site on the web for getting back issue comics! You guys are excellent!
— Kyle M., Tomball, TX

This site is way better than Next Planet Over!
— Nick P., Los Angeles, CA

It's REALLY easy to find a comic here at Excellent work guys !
— Sebastien S., Durham-Sud, Canada

By far the best online comics service I have used!
— Scott J., Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Great service keep up the good work!!!
— Joseph G., commerce, TX

Thanks for your great service!
— Jeffrey P., Islip, NY

Excellent design for your web pages. It makes searching very easy!
— Dan D., Columbus, OH

Thanks for having an easy to use system. Now I can search for the comics my son needs to fill in his back issues.
— Adele P., Bayonne, NJ

Thank you for your constant good service.
— Simon H., Sydney, Australia

These are some great prices. After my shipment arrives I am sure to do more business with you in the future.
— Scene 70 S., Nashville, TN

Thank you for helping me collect!
— Alexandre R., Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Excellent, easy and fast site. I have a hunter/seeker page under construction searching for all manner of things, and hope to affiliate with yourselves as one of the top online comic databases in the near future. In the mean time I'll be recommending you to all my friends and customers!
— Michael T., Ballynahinch, United Kingdom

I really liked your first shipment, so I'm buying from you again.
— George S., Fort Wayne, IN

Thanks for having a great selection!!
— Patricia C., Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for offering trades through your store. The credit payment option is very quick and easy.
— Jeffrey P., Islip, NY

This is the best service I have ever found. I don't have a comic shop anywhere close to me and with this site I can keep my collection going.
— Gregory S., Greensburg, PA

In my experience so far this is the best service online for ordering back issues of comics! The feature allowing the customer to choose the condition of the books will make this the first place I turn to for all my comic shopping needs that my store can't handle in an affordable manner.
— Ron S., Jeffersonville, PA

I will be a repeat customer. The site and selection were great.
— Robert M., Colorado Springs, CO

With this great selection of merchandise, I hope you open a store in near Boston soon! We need some more good shops up here!
— Darren H., Rowley, MA

Thanks again for another wonderful order. It is so easy to do this!
— Matthew P., West Jordan, UT

I really like the prices. Keep up the good work
— Ramses G., Guadalajara, Mexico

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