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Adventures into Terror (1951) comic books 1952

  • Issue #10
    Adventures into Terror (1951) 10
    • Tear through front cover and almost all wraps. Internal page tears.
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    When the Vampire Calls!, art by Joe Maneely; A village suspects a beautiful young woman of being a vampire but her lover tries to warn her to leave before the mob arrives and discovers that it is her brother who is the drinker of human blood. The Dark Passage, art by Ogden Whitney; A convicted killer believes that he has gone to the infirmary and escaped in the ambulance when the ghosts take him to his fate as he has really died in the electric chair. The Sacred Tiger text story. What Walter Saw, pencils by Ed Goldfarb. The Snake!, art by George Roussos. The Old Hag, art by Bernard Krigstein. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #11
    Adventures into Terror (1951) 11

    Cover art by Russ Heath. Dead Man's Escape!, art by Joe Maneely; A convict from an island prison tries to escape by being dumped in the bay inside of a corpse bag. Under the Knife!, art by Tony DiPreta; During an operation a man dies briefly and experiences a boatride with a beautiful woman named Zoe who is trying to outdistance Death. Caraniti's Curse text story. He Who Laughs Last, Gets the Horselaugh; A man who plays the rear end in a dummy horse act is jealous of the man who plays the head, so he kills him and when he returns to the stage that night, is trampled by the front part of the costume. Ed's Young Wife!, pencils by Ben Brown, inks by David Gantz; a man tries to get his lover's husband out of the way by sawing through the steering column of his car so it will give way on the mountain road. Island of Horror, art by Joe Sinnott. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #12
    Adventures into Terror (1951) 12

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    Horror in the Graveyard, art by Bernard Krigstein; A man makes a deal with ghouls in order to be spared. The End text story. The Hangman's Noose, art by Ed Winiarski; A seller of inferior rope hits his business partner with a crowbar and thinks he has killed him, so he fashions one of the ropes into a hangman's noose and props the body into it so it appears as a suicide. The Little Pests, pencils by Manny Stallman; After a husband disposes of his murdered wife's body in the pond, his new girlfriend complains so much to the county about the mosquitoes around the house that they drain it. The 13th Floor, script by Paul S. Newman, art by Dick Ayers; A building manager is approached by a ghoul who wants to rent the 13th floor. The Man Who Cried Ghost, art by Ed Robbins; A bored cemetery caretaker crank calls the police about being menaced by ghosts, but then the ghosts show up for real and haul him away. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #13
    Adventures into Terror (1951) 13
    • Cover detached.

    Cover pencils by Bill Everett. Don't Try to Outsmart the Devil!, script by Stan Lee; An evil man makes a bargain with Satan that his heart will never stop beating so that he will live forever, but Satan merely arranges it so that his heart continues to beat after his body has rotted away. The Visitor, pencils by George Roussos; A man is convinced that controlling visitors exist all around him and when he is confronted by mist he goes off his rocker. Sugar is--Death!, pencils by Hy Rosen. The Hands of Death, pencils by Don Perlin, inks by Abe Simon; A woman's car breaks down in an area where women have been strangled and since she is frightened she tries to take shelter in a nearby house. The Man Who Talked to Rats, pencils by Manny Stallman; A man comes across a man who talks to rats in an alley and makes a deal with him to kill his uncle so he will inherit his money. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #14
    Adventures into Terror (1951) 14

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    The Little People, script by Stan Lee, art by Tony DiPreta; A dwarf surgeon's family is held at the mercy of a cruel carnival barker when the surgeon is arrested for practicing without a license and the barker offers the judge to provide them with work at the circus, sparing them jail. The Hands, art by Gene Colan; A man with a pair of claws for hands pays for an operation to give him normal hands and on his twenty-fifth birthday, turns into a lobster with a pair of human hands. The Three Doors text story. Hex, art by George Tuska; A native foreman poisons his cruel boss for his beatings of the laborers but the boss promises to turn over a new leaf if he is given the antidote. They're Driving Me Crazy, pencils by Dick Ayers, inks by Ernie Bache; This story postulates that the people of Earth are in reality the slaves of beings from another dimension who control all thought that people are allowed to have. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.10.