Selling Option 5: Ship your comics cover priced $0.35 or less for an offer

No prior authorization required, just follow the instructions below and ship your comics.

  • Any quantity of $0.10 cover priced comics may be sent under this option, even a single comic.
  • Groups of 100 or more comics with a cover price of $0.35 or less can be shipped directly to us for an offer.
    • Comics with cover price $0.10 to $0.25 may be sent in any grade.
    • Comics with cover price $0.30 to $0.35 may be sent only if in new condition.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not send comics with cover prices $0.40 or more under this option. We pay nothing for such comics received under this option and they will not be returnable to you unless you cover the return shipping cost.

First time sellers

First time sellers may want to send a 100 comic test lot. If you are pleased with our first offer, and likewise pleased with our service, you will then want to continue selling the remainder of your comics to us, either by additional 100 comic lots, by the long box lot (perfect for shipping), or ship your entire collection.

  • Once your comics arrive at our warehouse, you'll receive an offer within seven business days, and we pay immediately on your acceptance of our offer.
  • If we are unable to agree on a price for your comics, we will return your comics to you at our expense.
  • Before selling any of your comics, we recommend you first get an offer from your local comic shop or antique store. You can then compare to our offer. Those who sell to us regularly under this option tell us that our offers are two to ten times better than the offers they got locally.

Magazines, other over-sized comics

  • These items may be sent for an offer even if priced higher than $0.35, so long as they have publication dates 1979 or older.

About the current market:

  • Action, Adventure, Superhero, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Western, and War titles are the most collected. Humor, Archie, Dell, Gold Key, Harvey, funny animal (Disney, Looney Toons, etc.) comics are in less demand, and are very common in lower grades.
  • Comics cover priced $0.30 and higher that are not in new condition generally have very limited value and often do not justify the cost of shipping the comics to us for an offer. We do not cover return shipping on $0.30 to $0.35 comics that do not meet our requirement to be in new condition.

Comics with little or no value

Sellers sometimes send comics that have little or value due to their condition, and are then disappointed in what we can offer for those comics. Obviously, the better the condition, the greater the likelihood a comic will have value--enough to justify sending it for an offer.

Thus, when sending comics to us for an offer, please keep the following in mind:

  • Comics 10c to 25c cover price: Most comics in any grade have value and will be worth offering to us.
  • Comics 30c to 35c: Most have limited value if not in new condition. Unless your 30c/35c comics are in new condition (glossy undamaged covers, preferably bagged/boarded), you should not send them for an offer unless you are prepared to accept what may seem to you to be a very low offer price.
  • Under this option, we are NOT buying any comics published after 1979 (typically $0.40 and up cover price).

How to ship your comics

Ship your comics to:

Lone Star Comics
Attn: Comic Offer
1800 Timberlake Dr.
Arlington, TX 76010

Enclose a sheet of paper with the following information to insure prompt processing and payment. For clarity, we recommend printing this information using a computer. If writing by hand please print clearly.


Please write or type in large letters on the paperwork: SHOW TO BUDDY SAUNDERS FOR AN OFFER

If shipping more than one box, number them "1 of 3", "2 of 3", "3 of 3", depending on how many you are shipping.

Unless you tell us otherwise, your payment check will be made out to the name listed on your submission, and mailed to the address you provide.

How to Ship Comic Books - tips for shipping and packing your comics