Creating your list of comics for sale

Don't have a list of your comics?

If you do not have a list of your comics, call us at 817-670-8115 before preparing one. A list is not always necessary, especially in the case of comics from the mid 1980s and newer (cover prices $0.75 and higher), and preparing a list from scratch can be very labor intensive.

If you have a list of comics for sale

Comic lists submitted in the text format shown below will receive a prompt offer, usually within two business days. Lists submitted in other formats such as spreadsheets, PDFs, or handwritten lists are processed on a time available basis with priority given to collections consisting of 50% or more pre-1985 comics.

Desired List Format

  • Capitalization of words and grades doesn't matter and may be all lower case or all caps or regular first letter capitalization of titles.
  • You don't need a comma after each issue, but it's okay if a comma is present.
  • If you choose to provide grades with your list, we will calculate an offer based on the grading you've specified. Grades can be listed either as two letter grade abbreviations (nm, vf, fn, vg, gd, fr, pr) or as numeric decimal grades on the ten point scale (9.4, 9.2, 9.0, 8.5, etc).
    • nm or 9.4
    • vf or 8.0
    • fn or 6.0
    • vg or 4.0
    • gd or 2.0
    • fr or 1.0
    • pr or 0.5 (any issues missing a cover or with pages missing should be listed as pr)
  • If you have an item graded by CGC or CBCS, list the grade as you normally would, like CGC 8.0 or CBCS 8.0.
  • If you do not provide grades, we will calculate your offer using typical grades determined by how old the comics are. For example, comics from the 1960s are typically found in lower grades than comics from the past few years.

Desired List Format Without Grades

avengers 1 5-9 12 14 18
batman 215-220 223 236 380-385

Desired List Format With Grades

avengers 1 vg 5-9 gd 12 fn 14 CGC 4.5 18 vf
batman 215-220 vg 223 vg 236 cbcs 6.5 380-385 vf
captain marvel 78 8.0 80 8.5 84 9.2 95 4.5

Multiple Quantities

If you have more than one copy of the same issue, you can specify the quantity by putting the quantity in parentheses, or using the letter "x", or by simply repeating the issue number. The following examples show different ways you indicate that you have 4 copies of Batman 223:

batman 223(4)
batman 223x4
batman 223 223 223 223
batman 223 fn 223 vg 223 vg 223 fr

Specifying Series

If you are entering issues from a title that you know has more than one run, show the year the title started (as listed on our web site) to clarify which run you have, as in these examples.

avengers 1963 1 5-9 12 14 18 20-200
avengers 2010 1-34

Once you have a list of the comics that you want to sell, call us at 817-670-8115, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a comic buying specialist.