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How to Consign Comic Books

This page tells you how to submit comics for consignment. If you want an overview of our consignment terms and policies, please see our Consignment Service Overview.

How do I start consigning comics?

(Optional) If you have not consigned with us before, we suggest that you first contact our consignment director so that she can answer any questions you may have:

Este Bagato
Consignment Director
Phone 817-701-0702 available 9:00AM-5:00PM CST, Monday-Friday

If you want to consign CGC or CBCS graded comics: Consignment Quick Submit is the fastest and simplest way to submit CGC or CBCS comics. All CGC and CBCS graded comics are consignable, so all you need to do is type in a list of the comics you want to send and submit it. When you enter your list we'll provide you with a transaction number and shipment invoice to print out and include when you ship your comics to us.

If you want to consign unslabbed "raw" comics, please follow the steps listed here:

  1. Use the Record Items page in our online buying system to record the comics that you have, as follows:
    • On the Record Items page, type in the title of the comic you want to record in the "Title" box and click the "Search" button. For example, if you typed "Green Lantern" in the search box, you would see these results with Green Lantern in the title.
    • Review the list of titles matching your search, and click the title corresponding to the issue(s) that you have. Continuing the example, I might click the title Green Lantern (1960 1st Series DC).
    • You will then see a list of all the issues belonging to that title. Locate the issues you have. To the right of each issue row, it will tell you what grades, if any, are eligible for consignment, as shown in the screenshot below:

    • What grade should I list?
      • If your comic has been graded by CGC or CBCS: Click the "CGC" or "CBCS" link in the upper right corner of the issue row to bring up the recording panel.
      • If you are an experienced comic grader: Specify the grade to the best of your ability. Please do not intentionally overgrade your comic to meet the minimum grade eligible for consignment.
      • If you are not familiar with comic grading: Please select the grade highlighted in green, which represents the most common grade based on the age of the issue. Choosing the highlighted grade will help you avoid overestimating the value of your comics. Regardless, we will grade the comic when we receive it and will grade your comic higher than your listed grade if appropriate.
    • To record a comic, put a "1" in the Quantity column box to the right of the grade you have selected, then click the "Submit" button. If you have multiple issues on the same page, you can put the "1" in the appropriate Quantity box for each issue, and only click the "Submit" button once after you've listed all issues on the page.
  2. You can review the comics that you've recorded at My Comic Books.
  3. When you've finished listing your comics, click the Submit items for consignment link in the yellow box at the top of the page. You use this page to open a new consignment transaction with us. We will ask for your return address, so we know where to mail your payment.

What happens after I start a new consignment transaction?

  1. After you submit a new consignment transaction, we will review it and approve it (unless you used the Consignment Quick Submit) option, in which case no advance approval from us is needed. As soon as we've approved it, we will email you with instructions on shipping your comics to us.
  2. You will print out a shipment invoice we provide that lists the comics you're sending in, and you'll include this invoice in the package that you ship to us. The invoice helps us identify the comics when we receive them, and helps us verify that everything is present and accounted for.
  3. If you have multiple consignment or sale transactions to send to us at the same time, you are welcome to include all the transactions together in the same physical shipment. Please just include the invoice for each transaction.
  4. After we receive your shipment, we will grade the comics, record high quality scans of the front and back cover, and file them into secure storage. While in our possession, your comics are stored in our high-security inventory storage facility and are fully insured against flood, fire, theft, and damage.
  5. It may take up to 15 days from the date that your comics arrive at our office for us to finish processing your items. Some items will be processed more quickly, but please allow for up to 15 days of processing time before your items are ready.
  6. Once your comics have been processed, we will send you an email letting you know that they are ready. You then use your consignment account page to set them up for sale. For each item, you can either specify an asking price to list it as a fixed price item, or you can assign it to an upcoming auction.
  7. You can monitor the status of your consignment items at any time from your consignment account page. This page lists both the items you currently have available for sale as well as the items you have previously sold.

What if my comics grade lower than expected?

You should not send comics in for consignment unless you are willing to accept our grading. All consigned comics (except for CGC or CBCS slabs) will be listed for sale at the grade that we assign. We take care to grade your comics fairly and accurately according to our grading standards. Our customers know our grading and trust that they will receive a well-graded comic from us, which helps you sell your comics faster and for higher prices than they would go for if the buyers weren't confident in the grade.

If we grade a comic a little lower than the grade you assigned when submitting it, it's usually not an issue. However, if you've listed a comic at close to the minimum grade eligible for consignment, and we grade the comic lower, we will decline to accept the comic for consignment if the expected retail value at the grade we've assigned is under $25. In this case, we will make you an offer for those comics that were not eligible for consignment, and you will have the option either of selling them to us or having them returned to you. If you choose to have them returned to you, the return cost is calculated as follows: $5.00 base charge plus $0.50 per item for grading, handling, and shipping. If you would like insurance on the return shipment, we can provide it for $1 per $100 in insured value.

What if I want to consign something that your site says is not eligible for consignment?

Sometimes our database prices are too low, and so our web site will say that an item isn't eligible for consignment even though the item should really qualify. If you have an item that you know is worth enough to qualify for consignment (likely retail value around $50 or more), you can still offer it to us for consignment by using the override item listed as ineligible for consignment page.

What if I want to consign something that isn't listed in your database?

If you have a rare variant edition or other item that you know typically sells for more than $50, but the item isn't listed in our database, you can use this page: record items not in our database. Or, if your item is not a comic, book, or similar published, paper-based item, you can use this page: record any other type of comic-related collectible

Deadline for auction submissions

Deadline: items must be received three weeks prior to the auction opening on Monday. We often process transactions more quickly than that, but please plan for a full fifteen business days of processing.

Consignment shipments received after the deadline will be processed as quickly as possible and in some cases will be ready in time for inclusion in the auction, but we cannot make any guarantees.

How long will it take my comic to sell?

The quickest way to get a guaranteed sale is to put your comic in our monthly auction and let the market demand determine the price. If you list your comic as a fixed price item, the time to sell depends on the demand for the comic and how aggressively you price it relative to the current market rate. If priced competitively, it's not unusual for fixed price consignments to sell within first day to first month of being listed. How aggressively you price is up to you; if you have a rare comic that does not come up for sale very often, you're welcome to price it somewhat higher and wait for the right buyer to come along, or price it lower and move it more quickly.

What format should I use when selling? Fixed price or auction?

The fees are the same for both formats. Both options are effective, and the choice of how you want to sell is a matter of personal preference. If you have not sold in the auction before, we suggest you try a small number of items at first, and if you are pleased with the results, then continue by putting more items in the next auction. Some consignors sell all their items as fixed price, some sell entirely through the auctions, and some use a mix of the two.

What if I have a comic in a damaged case from one of the grading companies like CGC or CBCS?

If you have a consigned comic with a damaged case, we can send it in to the grading company to replace the case. This service typically costs $15-$20 per comic (or more for especially high-value items), and we'll only send books out for reholdering automatically if the damage to the case is severe enough that we can't list it as-is. In cases where reholdering is optional, we'll contact you to see how you'd like to handle it. We can either send the comic in to be recased, return it to you, or remove the comic from the slab and sell it raw, whichever you prefer.

What if I want to get my comic graded and encapsulated?

If you have comics that you would like to have graded by CGC or CBCS, we can handle the submission for you. We can also provide recommendations about when it would be cost-effective to have a book encapsulated and when it might not be worth the expense.

How do I consign multiple comics together as a "lot"?

If you have items that are not worth enough individually to qualify for consignment, in some cases it is possible to group them together as a lot. The following restrictions apply to lots: