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Make an Offer

If an item allows offers, you can make an offer to the seller at less than the seller's asking price. Any offer you make represents a binding commitment to purchase the item at your offered price if the seller accepts your offer.

All offers expire after 48 hours

The seller has up to 48 hours to respond to your offer before your offer expires. The seller may accept your offer, decline your offer, or make a counter offer. If the seller replies with a counter offer, you have up to 48 hours to reply. When you receieve a counter offer, you can accept it, decline it, or make a new offer.

What happens if your offer is accepted

If the seller accepts your offer, the item is reserved for you at the agreed upon price. Please visit your shopping cart and go through checkout to complete your purchase of the item within 4 days. If you have still not placed your order 4 days after your offer was accepted, your offer will be canceled and you will lose the ability to make offers on other items.

Maximum 3 offers per item

You may make a maximum of 3 offers on a given item within a 10 day period. If you and the seller do not agree on a price, you will be able to try again after 10 days.