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Order Cancellation Policy

We are unable to cancel orders after they have been pulled from inventory and prepared for shipment. We process orders quickly upon receipt in order to provide same business day or next business day shipping. Because we ship so quickly, if you want to cancel your order the best way to contact us is by phone at (817) 860-7827 Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Central. If you make the cancellation request by email we may not see your email until after the order has already been shipped.

Item Availability

We work very hard to maintain our inventory, but occasionally we may be unable to provide an item that you ordered due to an error in our inventory, a technical issue affecting our web site or other marketplace, or because we received more orders for an item than we have available inventory. We reserve the right to cancel any item ordered, in which case you will not be charged or will be refunded if payment has already been provided. We are able to ship over 99.95% of all items ordered, so it is rare that an ordered item cannot be supplied.

Occasionally, demand suddenly spikes for a particular comic, usually due to an announced movie or TV project involving that comic. When this happens we get a rush of orders and we sometimes receive more orders for an item than we have available inventory. In addition to selling on our own web site, we also sell on other marketplaces such as eBay. Automated systems keep our inventory up to date across these various marketplaces, but when sales take place very quickly due to high demand it's possible for an item to get oversold. If that happens we will fill orders as best we can, but we reserve the right to cancel any order that we are unable to fill. We will cancel only if we have no available inventory, not because demand increased and we want to resell the item at a higher price.

What happens if something I order is not available?

If we are unable to provide an item you ordered, we will notify you by email and will provide any required refund.

We cannot handle requests to conditionally cancel an order if one of the items in your order is not available.

Cancellations due to incorrect description, price, availability, or other system issues

We reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason including problems with the item's description, listed price, or availability. Errors like this are extremely rare, but they can happen as a result of human error or software problems. Items would be canceled due to an incorrect price only if an actual price-related error occurred. We would not cancel an order because we misjudged the market, sold at one price, and after the fact determined that a higher price was appropriate. We also would not cancel an order due to price in the case of an item where demand had recently moved up and the item is now more valuable than it was shortly before it was ordered.