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Subscription Service

Our subscription service is linked to our pre-order service system. A pre-order needs to be placed before the subscription service option is available. This is because when a subscription service is started, it starts with the issues in the Current Previews listings. We recommend, placing the pre-order with either the late Previews listings or a pre-order for items you do not want to subscribe to. The Subscription option shows up on the pre-order page after the first pre-order has been placed. When you choose the titles you want to subscribe to, it generates a list for the current previews issues to become an order on the week before the Current Previews Deadline. (example: month's deadline is Wed. May 23rd, so the order would be placed on Wed. May 16th.) It will continue to place a pre-order for you each month after subscription service is set up.
When will I be charged for my subscription each month?
Subscription orders are charged one week before the current catalog deadline.
What if a special edition is released for a title I've subscribed to?
We only add items that are $10.00 or less to your subscription order and we will email you to let you know if there is an issue that costs more than that.
When will I receive my first issue when I subscribe to a title?
When you subscribe we check the currently active previews catalog for any issues currently available for ordering.If you have already ordered the currently available issue you don't have to wait to subscribe, you can subscribe and then remove the issue from your order here.
Can I get Variant Covers that have limited availability through a subscription?
No, we currently do not offer covers with limited availability through our subscription service.
Can I opt out of an issue for a title I am subscribed to?
Yes, you can modify your subscription order any time before the order deadline
Can I choose my variant covers for titles I am subscribed to?
Yes, you can change your variant preferences for each title you are subscribed to and you will receive an email when selections are needed.If you do not make a selection by the catalog deadline we will pick a variant cover for you.
What if I need to change my shipping/payment info?
Shipping and payment info is seperate from what you have saved for regular orders. You can go here to change which card your subscriptions get charged to or where they get shipped to.