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Archie (1943) 22

  • Issue #22
    Archie (1943) 22
    • Centerfold detached at one staple.
    • Centerfold detached.

    Cover by Al Fagaly. Stories by Bob Montana and unknown. Art by Bob Montana, Bill Vigoda, Al McLean and unknown. Jughead's birthday proves to be the most troublesome event of the year due to a reindeer sweater fiasco in "Jughead's Birthday"! (Note: first Bob Montana Archie story since his departure to fight in World War II in early 1943.) Plus: After seeing how Theodosius and Jughead benefit from being chivalrous, Archie decides to put Jughead's jacket over a mud puddle for Veronica in "The Gentleman"; after Fred and Archie refuse to wax the foyer floor, Mrs. Andrews does it herself in "Wax Work"; Betty and Veronica go to great lengths to get the autograph of Franchot Dreambean, the famous crooner who's staying at the Riverdale hotel; and when Archie's grandmother comes for a visit, Fred hires Archie and Jughead to repaint the guest room in "The Gruesome Twosome"! Also: Archie gives us some "Hollywood dirt straight from the MGM lion's mouth" about MGM's search for places to film, Gregory Peck's advertising campaign, Audrey Totter, Gary Cooper, William Powell, John Garfield, Dick Bare, Paul Henreid and Ann Sheridan in the 2-page "Hollywood Tattle Tale"! And: "Archie Puzzle Page" (three of them)! 48 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.