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Bugs Bunny (1952-1980 Dell/Gold Key) 87

  • Issue #87
    Bugs Bunny (1952-1980 Dell/Gold Key) 87
    • Paper: Off white to white
    • File Copy.
    • Label #D691B3-002

    Showtime. 25c cover priced 80 page giant. Number/Month on cover: 30000-212, December ? Cover title says "Bugs Bunny Show- Time." Giant size issue with 25 cents cover price and features a large cast of Warner Bros. cartoon characters in Halloween-themed stories. Back cover has pinup of several cartoon characters. Inside front and back covers have Bugs Bunny puzzlers. Bugs Bunny in "Halloween Fun," Beep Beep the Road Runner in "Pumpkin Perils," Porky Pig in "Too Tricked to Treat" (this story is listed as a Bugs Bunny story but Bugs is nowhere to be seen in it), Bugs Bunny in "Batty Bunny Battle," Daffy Duck in "The Spry Fly," Henery Hawk in "Jiffy Judo," Pepe Le Pew in "The Wise Disguise," Elmer Fudd in "House Hunting Goblins," Bugs Bunny in "Official Face Washer," and Tweety and Sylvester in "A Bad Case of Haunts." Issue also has one-page text features "The Invited Ghost" and "Bully for Papacito." No story/art credits given. On cover: 30000-212, December. 84 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.25.