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Famous Funnies (1934) 36

  • Issue #36
    Famous Funnies (1934) 36
    • Restored (see item notes)
    • RESTORATION. Spine split seal. Cover detached. Centerfold detached.
    • 3.75" Cumulative spine split. Cover and centerfold detached.
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    • Interior is complete. Full length spine split (taped) with some splitting at the top of a few wraps.

    Victor E. Pazmiño cover. Contains comic strip reprints, activity pages, and a text story. In order of appearance: "Screen Oddities" by Captain Roscoe Fawcett and Bruno Thompson; "Napoleon" by Clifford McBride; "Goofie Gags" by Victor E. Pazmiño; "Alec and Itchy" by Jimmy George and Merle Mulholland; "War on Crime" by Rex Collier and Hammon; "Nipper" by Clare Victor Dwiggins; "Skyroads" by Dick Calkins and Russell Keaton; "Queenie" by S. M. Iger (as Bob Bliss); "Hairbreadth Harry" and "High-Gear Homer" by F. O. Alexander; "Nippie" and "Mickey Finn" by Frank E. Leonard (as Lank Leonard); "Fisher's History of Boxing" and "Joe Palooka" by Al Capp (as Ham Fisher); "Dickie Dare" by Milton Caniff; "Beau Geste" by P. C. Wren and Bill W. Depew; "Scorchy Smith" by Noel Sickles; "Adventures of Patsy" by Mel Graff; "Good Deed Dotty" and "Dixie Dugan" by J. P. McEvoy and J. H. Striebel; "The Frog Pond Ferry" by M. E. Brady; "Holly of Hollywood" and "Keeping Up With The Joneses" by Pop Momand; "Above the Crowd" by Benjamin D. Allen (as Stookie Allen); "Little Brother" and "The Bungle Family" by Harry J. Tuthill; "Ned Brant of Carter" by Bob Zuppke and Bill W. Depew; "Oaky Doaks" by Ralph Briggs Fuller; "Jolly Geography" and "High Lights of History" by J. Carroll Mansfield; "Olly of the Movies" by Julian Ollendorff; "Connie" and "The Wet Blanket" by Frank Godwin; "Bobby" by S. M. Iger; "Somebody's Stenog" and "The Back-Seat Driver" by A. E. Hayward; "Mescal Ike" by S. L. Huntley and Art Huhta; "Lena Pry" and "Jane Arden" by Monte Barrett and Jack W. McGuire; "Butty and Fatty" by M. E. Brady; "Flight" by W. D. Tipton and J. H. Mason; "Babe Bunting" by Roy L. Williams; "Strange as it Seems" by John Hix; "Toddy" by George Marcoux; "Homer Hoopee" by Fred Locher; "The Gay Thirties" by Hank Barrow; "Seaweed Sam" by Victor E. Pazmiño; and "Buck Rogers" by Philip Francis Nowlan and Rick Yager (as Dick Calkins). "Powder for the Fleet" text story by Ruth Colby. Activity pages by A. W. Nugent. 68 pages. Full color. Cover price $0.10.