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Comic books in 'Ace Books G Series'

  • Issue #G-734
    Pellucidar PB (1962 An Ace Sci-Fi Classic Novel) G-734
    Published 1965 (est.) by Ace Books.

    #G-734 (.50c Cover Price) - Ace Science Fiction Classic Edition - Edgar Rice Burroughs: Pellucidar Paperback Series: Book 2. Cover by Roy Krenkel. Originally published in 1915. In the mysterious land known as Pellucidar, David Innes who first discovered it was struggling to carve a civilization out of the rough and violent Stone Age perils. But, all that is postponed when the cavewoman Empress Dian the Beautiful is kidnapped. Now, David must use his surface science to rescue Dian from the horrible monsters who in habit Pellucidar. Includes a map of the Empire of Pellucidar. Softcover, 4-in. x 7-in., 160 pages, Text Only. NOTE: Published circa 1965. Cover price $0.50.

  • Issue #G-748
    Moon Men PB (1962 An Ace Sci-Fi Classic Novel) G-748

    #G-748 (.50c Cover Price) - Ace Science Fiction Classic Edition - By Edgar Rice Burroughs. Cover and Title Page illustration by Roy Krenkel, Jr. Contact between Earth and Moon turned into a boomerang when treason delivered the world to Lunar super-science. This is the astonishing novel of the world under the heel of the Lunarians. It is the story of Julian who dared to plot against the Kalkars and their human underlings, and it is also the story of Red Hawk, his descendant, whose new nomads carried Julian's fight to its final desperate conclusion. Softcover, 4-in. x 6 1/2-in., 224 pages, Text (with B&W Chapter Illustrations). NOTE: Published circa 1964. Cover price $0.50.