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Archie Annual (1950) comic books 1952

  • Issue #3
    Archie Annual (1950) 3
    • Chew.
    • Water damage. Mold.

    Cover art by Bob Montana. "Watch the Birdie"; Mr. Weatherbee is going to shoot the school class's picture. "The Male Bag"; Betty's dad gives her some hunting tips. "Ring On My Finger"; Lottie wears Jughead's fraternity ring. "Toupee Or Not Toupee"; Mr. Weatherbee's wife bought him a toupee to wear, but he doesn't want anyone at school to see him in it. "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Faked a Cake..."; Veronica has to bake a cake for cooking class and Reggie volunteers to help her. "Sun Stroke," script and art by Dave Berg; Jughead is suffering from sun stroke. "Suits Me!"; Veronica invites Archie to a swanky garden party and he down to one pair of pants. "Hollywood Tattle Tales" article. "Love Thy Neighbor," art by Bill Vigoda; Archie mistakenly thinks that Mr. Lodge has gone bankrupt and mobilizes the town to come to his rescue. "The Big Game Hunter"; Veronica wants Archie to take her to the Yarvard game but when he finally gets tickets he learns he has the wrong game. Archie's Rival Reggie house ad. "Sick and Tired," script and art by Dave Berg; Veronica keeps trying to get a handsome life guard's attention. "Sneak Snack"; Reggie forgot his lunch and takes one of Jughead's sandwiches. "Along Came a Spider"; Archie and Jughead make a trick spider. "Bear-Faced Lie"; Archie tries to impress Veronica by having Jughead dress up like a bear and shoot him. "The Big Fraudcast"; Reggie tries to cheat using a radio. "Athlete's Feat," art by Samm Schwartz; Archie and Jughead help Betty create a gym in her house. "Starve Or Bust"; Jughead competes in both a hamburger-eating contest and a pie-eating contest. "Archie Cleans Up!"; Mr. Weatherbee makes the mistake of telling Archie to spread the word about the clean-up campaign for schools. "An Old Fashioned Girl"; Betty tries to keep Archie around with a television. "A Moose Is As Good As a Mile"; Archie takes Veronica hunting. "Thar He Blows!"; Jughead goes to the beach for hamburgers. 116 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.