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Fantastic Worlds (1952) comic books 1952

  • Issue #5
    Fantastic Worlds (1952) 5

    Cover inks by John Celardo. "Triumph Over Terror," pencils by Alex Toth; A science fiction writer and his wife are captured by aliens who read their minds; The aliens decide not to invade Earth because they realize that humans would do anything to protect it. "Flying Saucery" half-page story; A man from Mars decides not to fly to Earth. "The Space Treasure," script by Otto Binder, art by Murphy Anderson; A meteor smashing rocket's crew finds a diamond covered meteor. "Johnny Randall's Body," script by Jerome Bixby; Johnny Randall, whose body is destroyed in an accident, gets a new body of a spaceship. "Space Dictionary," art by George Roussos; Definitions of space travel terms. "Hero Of Space," art by John Celardo; A woman falls in love with a man who ends up being a robot. "Flight to Venus" one-page story, art by George Roussos; Description of what will be needed for a trip to Venus. "The Invaders," pencils by Alex Toth; Aliens from Mercury try to invade Pax, a peaceful Earth colony, but end up being destroyed. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #6
    Fantastic Worlds (1952) 6
    • Paper: Cream to off white
    • Label #4276889025

    "The Cosmic Terror," "Run, Martian, Run," "The Space Lorelei," and "The Boy Who Saved the World!" (art by Alex Toth). Toth cover. Cover price $0.10.