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Worst from Mad (1958) comic books 1958

  • Issue #1
    Worst from Mad (1958) 1
    Published 1958 by EC.
    • One and a half bonus stickers removed.

    COMPLETE WITH BONUS: Record labels & travel stickers. "The Furious Falcon," art by Wally Wood; Phony ad for Ethel, exhorting everyone to drive more. "Walt Dizzy Presents Dizzyland," art by Wally Wood; Behind the scenes look at the 5 worlds of Dizzyland: Tomorrowsland, Frontrearland, Adventuresland, Fantasticland, Moneyland. "Future TV Ad," script and art by Don Martin; Phony ad storyboard for Billie's Rope Mart. "High-School Dance," art by Bob Clarke; Story of planning an evening's events at a typical high school dance. "Item," script by G. Stang; Stories on the same news item as they might be done by different newspapers or magazines. "MAD Record Labels," script by Albert B. Feldstein, art by Wally Wood; Phony record labels for 45s. "Scenes We'd Like To See: The Man On The Ledge," art by Joe Orlando. "MAD Merit Badges," art by Jack Davis. "MAD's Ink Blot Test," art by Kelly Freas and Bill Elder; Fake Rorschach tests with explanations. "Don Giovanni," script by Nick Meglin, art by Wally Wood; The story of the comic opera Don Giovanni is told with special emphasis on what makes it funny. "MAD's Picture-Phone Backdrops," art by George Woodbridge. "MAD Builds A More Civilized Mouse Trap," art by Jack Davis; Several supposedly civilized ways to trap and kill mice. "Baseball Is Ruining Our Children," art by Wally Wood; Parody of the findings of Dr. Wertham regarding comic books, where nearly every juvenile delinquent has been found to have played or watched baseball. "Alfred E. Neuman Answers Your Questions," art by Don Martin. "MAD Coats of Arms," script by Frank Jacobs, art by Kelly Freas; Proposed coats of arms for current celebrities. "Products For TV Commercials, Inc.", script by E. Nelson Bridwell, art by Bob Clarke; Offerings from a company that makes products and props used as "Brand X" to compare to advertised products on tv. "The Spitball Contest," script and art by Don Martin. "Real Estate Ads," art by Wally Wood and Jack Kamen (home rendering). "Why I Left The Army And Became A Civilian," script by Frank Jacobs, art by George Woodbridge. "The Ideal Woman," script by D. Purdy, art by Kelly Freas; The ideal woman as visualized by 6 magazines, compared to the women who read the magazines. "The MAD Dating Technique," art by Bob Clarke. "Baseball's Hall of Shame," script by Frank Jacobs, art by Joe Orlando. "The English Titles Don't Quite Match The Action In Foreign Movies," art by Wally Wood. "The Unfortunate Part of Feeding Pigeons Homemade Popcorn," script and art by Don Martin. "TV Guise," script by Paul Laikin, art by Bob Clarke; Parody of TV Guide Magazine, with articles, ads and phony tv listings. "Nansy," art by Wally Wood; A look at a joke from one cartoon strip as it might be interpreted by other strips. "Bowling," script by Nick Meglin, art by Jack Davis. "B. F. Goodnrich Autoless - Because You Don't Need A Car, Just Tires," art by Reed Crandall. 104 pgs., B&W. Cover price $0.50.

  • Issue #1N
    Worst from Mad (1958) 1N
    Published 1958 by EC.
    • 3 3/4" Cumulative spine split.

    MISSING BONUS: Does NOT include Record labels & travel stickers. Stories and art by Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Jack Kamen, Reed Crandall, Don Martin, G. Stang, Al Feldstein, Nick Meglin, Frank Jacobs, E. Nelson Bridwell, Arnie Rosen, D. Marshall Purdy, Paul Laikin, Alen Robin, Kelly Freas, Mort Drucker, Bob Clarke, George Woodbridge, and Joe Orlando. The Worst from Mad was an annual collection of classic material from Mad magazine, with new material attached in the form of posters, stickers and even vinyl recordings. A rare issue featuring many of the original EC artists (Kurtzman, Wood, Elder, Kamen) alongside early artists from Mad's magazine era (Don Martin, Mort Drucker). A spoof of Fredric Wertham's anti-comics classic Seduction of the Innocent, applied to baseball. Comics legend Wally Wood's take on Walt Disney's Disneyland TV series. Walt Dizzy Presents Dizzyland; High-School Dance; Scenes We'd Like to See - The Man on the Ledge; Merit Badges; Mad's Ink Blot Test; A Cultural Look at Comic Opera - featuring Mozart's Don Giovanni; Mad's Picture-Phone Backdrops; Mad Builds a More Civilized Mouse Trap; Baseball Is Ruining Our Children, by Frederick Werthless, M.D.; Alfred E. Neuman Answers Your Questions; Mad Coats of Arms; Products and Props for TV Commercials, Inc.; The Spitball Contest; Real Estate Ads; Why I Left the Army and Became a Civilian; Why the 35mm Camera Replaced the Box Camera; Scenes We'd Like to See - The Faithful Dog; Camp; The Ideal Woman as Seen by Various Types of Magazines vs. The Real Woman Who Reads Them; Alfred E. Neuman's Childhood Chums; Super-Markets Force-Out-the-Small-Retail-Grocer Gala Sale; The Mad Dating Technique; Mad's TV Advertising Award to The Rolly Cigarette Ad; Future TV Ad; Dead Letters; Vending Machines of the Future; Baseball's Hall of Shame; The English Titles Don't Quite Match the Action in Foreign Movies; Scenes We'd Like to See - The Overhanging Bough; The Unfortunate Part of Feeding Pigeons Homemade Popcorn; TV Guise; Nansy - How Other Artists Would Interpret Ernie Brushfiller's Comic; Bowling; B.F. Goodnrich Autoless Tires; Reader's Disgust. 8.5-in. x 11-in., 100 pages, B&W. Cover price $0.50.