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Tense Suspense (1958) comic books 1958

  • Issue #1
    Tense Suspense (1958) 1
    • Restored (see item notes)
    • RESTORATION. Color touch.
    • Interior is complete. Severe water damage. Staple rust and migration.

    Cover by Dick Ayers. Stories and art by Dick Ayers and others. Tales of fantasy and suspense from Dick Ayers, published by artist Al Fago. Watson seeks a lost city in the jungle, despite legends of a curse that will shrink him to the size of an ant. A mad scientist gets a plea for help from Microscopia, a microworld that exists in his microscope slide. A time traveler almost prevents the invention of the wheel. Night Fear; The Curse of Smallness; Lord Rampion's Rages; A Cry for Help; Man Walking!; He Must Be Stopped!; Those Eyes Are Evil!; Conscience!; Blind Spot! 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.