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Comic books published by Tuttle Publishing

In stock A Guide to Drawing Manga Fantasy Furries and Other Anthropomorphic Creatures SC (2023 Tuttle) Over 700 illustrations #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
Out of stock A History of Japanese Art SC (2009 Tuttle) From Prehistory to the Taisho Period #1 Tuttle Publishing 2009
In stock After Lambana GN (2022 Tuttle) Myth And Magic In Manila #1 Tuttle Publishing 2022
Out of stock Anime and Manga Digital Coloring Guide SC (2023 Tuttle) Choose the Colors That Bring Your Drawings to Life! #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
In stock Bruce Lee The Art of Expressing the Human Body SC (1998 Tuttle) #1 Tuttle Publishing 1998
In stock Children of Bathala GN (2023 Tuttle) A Mythology Class Reunion #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
In stock Comic Japan TPB (2015 Tuttle) Best of Zero Gravity Cartoons from The Japan Times #1 Tuttle Publishing 2015
Out of stock Cool Japan Guide: Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats and Ramen GN (2015) #1 Tuttle Publishing 2015
In stock Draw Your Own Manga Blank Comic Book SC (2023 Tuttle Publishing) #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
Out of stock Drawing Basic Manga Characters SC (2019 Tuttle) A Manga Artist's Handbook #1 Tuttle Publishing 2019
Out of stock Drawing Fantastic Female Fighters SC (2020 Tuttle) Bringing Fierce Female Characters to Life #1 Tuttle Publishing 2020
In stock Drawing Manga SC (2023 Tuttle) By Naoto Date and Kiyoshi Nitou #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
In stock Janus and the Creature of Tabon GN (2023 Tuttle) #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
In stock Journey to Lupan-On GN (2023 Tuttle) The Mythology Class--On the Run Again! #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
0 of 2 in stock Learn Japanese with Manga SC (2022 Tuttle) A Self-Study Language Book for Beginners #1-2 Tuttle Publishing 2022 - 2023
In stock Learning Japanese Hiragana and Katakana SC (2014 Tuttle) A Workbook for Self-Study Revised Edition #1 Tuttle Publishing 2014
In stock Muros Within Magical Walls: The Case of the Cemetery Girl GN (2023 Tuttle) #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023
Out of stock Mythology Class GN (2022 Tuttle) Where Philippine Legends Become Reality #1 Tuttle Publishing 2022
In stock Samurai Swordsman SC (2008 Tuttle) Master of War #1 Tuttle Publishing 2008
In stock Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living SC (2002 Tuttle) #1 Tuttle Publishing 2002 - 2016
Out of stock Taekwondo Basics SC (2018 Tuttle) Everything You Need to Get Started in Taekwondo - from Basic Kicks to Training and Competition #1 Tuttle Publishing 2018
In stock World of Andong Agimat: The Mystery of the Talisman GN (2023 Tuttle) #1 Tuttle Publishing 2023