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Ghost Rider (1950 Magazine Enterprises) comic books graded by CBCS

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    Ghost Rider (1950 Magazine Enterprises) 7 CBCS 4.0

    Paper: Off white to white

    Label #23-06D186D-013

    Starts Jun 10

    (A-1 Comics #51) Cover by Dick Ayers. Art by Dick Ayers. Sometimes listed as A1 Comics (1944 Life's Romances) #51. Adventures of the original Ghost Rider, a Western marshal who uses special effects to make outlaws think he's an otherworldly avenger. With this issue, the series takes on horror elements to fit with the horror trend in 1950s comics. A cursed Native tomb seems to be guarded by a winged serpent whose bite means death; The Ghost Rider seeks the truth about zombie gunfighters that are murdering ranchers in a small town, so he creates some zombies of his own; In Tales of the Ghost Rider, a rancher battles a white wolf that he soon learns is actually a werewolf. The Haunted Tomb!; The League of the Living Dead!; Tales of the Ghost Rider: The Bloody Fangs of Fear!; The Murder in Wax! 36 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.