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Vanguard Science Fiction (1958 Vanguard) Pulp comic books

  • Vol. 1 #1
    Vanguard Science Fiction (1958 Vanguard) Pulp Vol. 1 #1

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    Volume 1, Issue 1 - June, 1958. Cover by Ed Emsh. Stories: "SOS, Planet Unknown" by A. Bertram Chandler, "Reap the Dark Tide" by C. M. Kornbluth, "When the Shoe Fits" by James E. Gunn, "The Strad Effect" by Raymond F. Jones, and "Farewell Party" by Richard Wilson. Features: "In the Beginning" by James Blish, "Wonders are Many" by L. Sprague de Camp, and "The Tales They Tell" by Lester del Rey. Softcover, 5.25-in x 7.5-in. 128 Pages, B&W. Cover price $0.35.