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Romantic Hearts (1951 1st Series) comic books

  • Issue #2
    Romantic Hearts (1951 1st Series) 2
  • Issue #3
    Romantic Hearts (1951 1st Series) 3
    • 3/4" Spine split. Centerfold detached. Staple rust.
    • Consignment. 3% buyer's premium charged at checkout. Graded by MCS, not consignor.

    Cover pencils by Ed Goldfarb, inks by Bob Baer. "What Price for Love?", art by Doug Wildey; Jennifer graduates from nursing school and moves to Coaltown out west; She falls in love with Dr. Nelson but he's killed in a mine cave-in. Jennifer is rescued by Rod, son of the mine's owner. "Daredevil's Love," art by Bill Fraccio; Nora's father Tom is disabled after an accident during an auto race; Nora dates Jim, another driver, and asks him to quit: he promises to do so "after a few more races," but becomes successful and falls in with a bad crowd; Jim goes out with Marcia, then learns she is part of a gang intending to sabotage his car. "Mine Was a Jealous Heart," art by Hy Fleishman; Jill falls in love with her boss Eric, but when she's promoted from his assistant to featured singer on TV, she doesn't see him much anymore; Jill invites Eric to a weekend winter sports party thrown by her rich cousin Lana. "My Summons to Love" text story by Ellen Lynn. "Love in the Spotlight," art by Lou Cameron; Gale joins Paul's ballet company and is promoted to be star Sonia's understudy; Gale falls in love with Paul, discarding her boyfriend Dave; Sonia demands that Gale be fired, but Dave and Paul stand up for her, so Sonia quits. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #9
    Romantic Hearts (1951 1st Series) 9
    • Cover oxidation.
    • Consignment. 3% buyer's premium charged at checkout. Graded by MCS, not consignor.

    Cover art by Bill Fraccio. "A Brazen Cheat!", art by John D'Agostino; Because her wealthy patient Grace is too ill to attend a fancy party, nurse Letty is convinced to impersonate her; She falls in love with fellow guest Gordon, but when she reveals her true identity she thinks hes abandoned her; Letty tries to commit suicide but is rescued by doctor Drew. "My Fight For Love," art by Harry Harrison; WAC Debbie and soldier Jeff are stationed in Korea and fall in love, but his intelligence duties often call him away; One night Debbie sees Jeff with another WAC at a dance and slaps his face, only to learn its Karl, Jeffs twin brother. "Sorrow Between Two Loves" text story by Ellen Lynn. "Love's Great Lie!", art by Bill Fraccio; Athletic Janice and Jim are in love, but she contracts infantile paralysis; She recovers but will walk with a limp from now on. Jim dumps her; Janice moves to the country and gets a job working at a kennel. "My Love's Fatal Decision," art by Hy Fleishman; Architect Linda is hired by a large firm and is sexually harassed by the male employees; She dates lawyer Henry, but even he "makes fun of [Lindas] work"; Linda designs a new factory and clashes with construction boss Mike, but eventually they become friends. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.