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Greeting once again from the Mountain State of West Virginia! Once again, the service and patience of the most amazing comic book website on the planet, as well as throughout the Nine Realms, never disappoints. Your staff has been more than excellent to me, especially during these trying and difficult times. So, take a bow, You've earned it once again! Take care of yourself, my friends!
— Ryan P., Hamlin, WV

I called in just now with a question about some orders I placed and spoke to Brandon. He was not only courteous and kind, but he resolved my issue in barely any time at all. I just wanted to bring this to your attention! Employees like Brandon are hard to come by! Thanks!
— Jason R., Pittsburgh, PA

Your staff remains Superheroes! Throughout everything our country has weathered since last March, my comic book pre-orders, want-list orders, impulse orders, etc. -- ALL of them delivered on-time and undamaged. A small thing, I know, but Buddy, your folks are the people who truly keep this country running. Entertainers and athletes aside, the person who grades the comics at to the person who takes extra care to pack the orders -- THOSE are the people who impact thousands of others more than any sports team or movie.
— Steve B., Pueblo West, CO

Buddy, I cannot say enough for your customer service, and Lone Star Comics! I spent 40 years in banking and always put the customer first, so I know World-class service when I see it. Your crew--all of them--are terrific, efficient, and just plain great people! Please thank Chandler for his exemplary service and attention to the customer, and likewise all his department and every other department! Your company is #1 and it shows! Mask up and stay healthy! We will get through this pandemic and will get back to normal soon!
— Machiel M., Munster, IN

I'm not writing in to say anything negative, I just wanted to say thanks for the years of great service I've received from Lone Star. I started shopping at the Arlington location back in the late eighties. When you opened, I started ordering there, and then later on, I started buying from your eBay store. I've bought thousands of books from you over the last 30 years and can't remember ever being shorted on an order or having a book that was graded way out of bounds. They're always packaged well and shipped promptly. I was sad to hear that your store closed for a short while during this COVID-19 outbreak, and as soon as you opened back up, I started putting in several orders. I know I'm not a high-end shopper compared, say, to folks that exclusively buy CGC-graded golden age books, but I'm doing my level best to give you whatever business I can send your way. In short, I know you're busy and don't expect or need a response. I just wanted to say thanks for being there during these troubled times, and I've appreciated shopping with you for over 40 years. Keep up the great work, and God Bless you and your family. I'll be putting in another order here in the next day or so via your eBay store.
— Robert H., Columbus, OH

Wow, that's it? You look at my comics today, make an offer which I accept, and now you will issue a check? I've lived in five countries outside of the US in the past fifteen years and I'm not used to things going smoothly! Thanks.
— Mark H., Arlington, TX

Ben, thank you so much for the offer for my comics, which I accepted. Everyone I have dealt with at Mycomicshop from beginning to end has been straightforward and has answered all my questions. The entire transaction has been seamless and I totally feel that you offered a fair price. I want to thank you for your personal interest and for staying in touch with me.
— Michael S., White Creek, TN

I just saw this morning that our CBCS slabbed Journey Into Mystery #83 sold for $24,700. I want to express my gratitude for your advise, direction and body of knowledge which made the sale of this comic and others possible. My wife and I hold your entire organization in very high regard. We look forward to continuing our working relationship as we sell the remainder of the collection.
— Ralph B., Easton, PA

Hi Ben, Just wanted you to know you made selling my comics a great experience. Your company, Lone Star Comics, paid me top price. I had approached a number of other big-name comic dealers. Only one came close to you and several tried to low-ball me. In my opinion, any collector who doesn’t offer his comics to Lone Star is out of his mind.

What’s more, I had learned that Lone Star’s grading standards were among the most stringent out there. But even so, you made the process of valuing my comics easy. You made an accurate judgment based on only a strategic sample of my covers. That you were able to do so to both buyer’s and seller’s satisfaction evidenced a great deal of experience and a high degree of professionalism.

You, personally, were very patient with me, answering all my questions promptly and giving me confidence in you and your company. This was my first time selling comics online and, as you appreciated, I had some misgivings about packing up the bulk of my collection and sending it off to who-knows-where. Lone Star’s quick and hassle-free payment came as quite a relief.

To sum up, you and Lone Star gets my highest recommendation. I’d deal with you again in a minute.

— Joe R., Medford, MA

Hi Buddy. Just want to share with you that your staff is part of the reason I continue doing business with Lonestar Comics. Whether it be Este, Sean, or Brian - they always find an answer to any questions I have. Thank you again.
— Rudy R., Miami, FL

My brother was a year younger than me, Paul loved comic collecting and he enjoyed selling his “extras” to you guys. When he passed away, a kind gentleman from your company reached out to my girlfriend, Sara, (via facebook) to let her know that you owed Paul payment for his last comic submission. I wasn't in the right frame of mind, so Sara handled it. I never experienced loss before, but the kindness from that one gentleman at Mycomicshop really meant a lot. I just want to continue to do what Paul loved to do, so here is my first comics from my brother’s collection. Thank you for all you’ve done. I it meant a lot to my family.
— Carol K., Mentor on the Lake, OH

I just wanted to write to thank you and everyone at Lone Star Comics for their great service! I sent you a message this past September when I was disappointed with one experience with your company—a message that I didn't enjoy writing as I appreciate you and your company so much. Thank you again for your very thoughtful response to that email. I take care of my elderly father and we've gotten to enjoy a lot of fun stories together, like we did years ago because of you. So I wanted to write you another message and tell you how thrilled I have been with every single issue in the several orders I've made with you this past few months. It's always great to see a package from Lone Star Comics arrive! I really appreciate you and your team's hard work and hope you all had great Thanksgiving family fun and will have a wonderful Christmas season. Thank you again for the great service and the fun my father and I have reading the comic books you offer!
— Kevin O., Greenville, TN

Just wanted to thank you again for a terrific selling experience. After holding on to my collection for 50 years, it wasn't easy to part with it. But I was in good hands with My Comic Shop and Buddy. I wouldn't want to sell my comics anywhere else. I was treated professionally from start to finish and received a very fair payment in record time. Whether selling or buying comics, it is clear that My Comic Shop is a first class act and one you can feel confident in following.
— John U., Rockford, IL

As a dedicated collector since the late 70s, now curating a private collection with thousands of sought-after items, I can say with absolute certainty that there is no better friend of the comic buyer, seller or collector than Lone Star Comics. Buddy Saunders has truly reduced this maddening world to a precise science, from both the standpoint of dealers and collectors. They do it all, and do it all with amazing results. Whether buying or selling, Lone Star stands alone as the flagship of the industry as a whole: Grading, pricing, selection, ease of ordering, delivery, and customer service, they provide these things on every front in an almost supernatural fashion, guaranteed to please. If you're looking for a particular item, or a reliable source for your ongoing collecting or selling needs, forget the uncertainty of eBay or Amazon and go with the proven source of quality - go with Lone Star Comics, go with!
— Steve B., Pueblo West, CO

Buddy, I want to thank you so much for the great experience I had in my transaction with you and your company. I was honored with the personal attention you gave me in all the phone calls leading up to the sale. I was really sorry that you had to be out of town on the day I was there, but everyone at your place made us feel so welcome. I could say "went out of their way" to make us feel welcome, but I'm pretty sure they treat everyone like that all the time. A great group of folks you have assembled. Your wife is such a treasure. She came to the break room to personally greet us, buy us a drink, and then took time from her busy schedule to give us a tour. I was a little wound up from the trip down and the whole experience of selling my stuff, so spending time with her was a perfect way to help me unwind. Please thank her for me for the personal attention she gave to my wife and myself. I was disappointed that you were in Florida the day I arrived, but you certainly left me in extremely capable hands. Este was great. Your crew got those 58 boxes out of that hotbox trailer. I was so impressed with Este. She has the knowledge and skill to quickly evaluate the varied collection that I brought to you. I'm sure she handles every transaction that way, but she made me feel special, and I want to say "Thank You" to her. Also, I want to make mention of your website. When I made the decision to sell my collection, I looked at several sites on the internet. Your site is the absolute best by far. No one else was even close. In talking to your wife, she told us that your son was responsible for your site. I'm sure you're very proud of him, and you have every right. In closing, thank you for everything. Selling a collection that I started as a young boy over 50 years ago was a little tough. So many memories wrapped up in those items. But you and your folks made the process easier than I would have imagined, and I know that my stuff is in very capable hands.
— Tom B., Effingham, IL

Hello to whoever reads this. This comic collection is mostly from my deceased father-in-law from his decades of collecting. I've entered so many comics into your system over the last few days that my head is spinning. Every phone call I've made with questions for your staff have been answered by such kind people. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing with this company. I really feel confident selling to you. Nobody ever made me feel like my questions were stupid and everyone walked me through everything step-by-step. Thank you all and have an amazing day!
— Lindsey L., Bushnell, FL

I just wanted to write to say thank you to Buddy and the entire Lone Star Comics team for our recent transaction. My father had recently passed away, leaving my brother and me with a large comic collection amassed over 50 years (almost 100 long boxes). The situation left us in a bit of a bind since both of us lived states away. We were needing to clear his house quickly, and neither of us had the time or emotional energy to sell everything (individually or by box), nor did either of us have the physical space to hold onto it. We thought we would end up having to throw a lot of it away, which was a terribly depressing thought. But a call to Buddy turned things around for us. Buddy was very gracious and beyond helpful, offering to buy not only the whole collection of comics, but also the boxes and boxes of trade paperbacks and hardcover collections we had been left with. In the end, Buddy gave us a very fair price for the whole collection (more than we initially expected) and his competent crew flew out to the house in Tennessee and carted everything off in just under two hours. Because of this company's professionalism and expertise, we were able to have some peace of mind about a once-stressful situation, which also allowed us to devote time to wrap up other matters of our father's estate. Having such a great and painless experience with you and your team during this trying time made all the difference, so thank you Buddy!
— Kurt W., Chattanooga, TN

I just wanted to say that I am pretty new to comics. I recently purchased three issues of a title at my local comic store, but they didn't have the rest. They recommended your website so I gave you a try. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but I received an email every time something progressed with my order. The estimated time was 3-10 business days for delivery. My comics were here in two. Thank you for making a new comic reader feel important in the scheme of the universe and, in this simple standard procedure of ordering from you, keeping a new comic reader more enthused to read than ever. Good on ya.
— Matt N., Facebook, Comment

How fitting that I would purchase such a tremendous high-grade copy of this comic book - cover art & story featuring both my favorite Marvel superhero (Peter Parker/Spider Man) and favorite Marvel "pin-up" (the magnificent Mary Jane Watson)- from *Lone Star Comics*. As a teenager and eventually a summa-cum-laude graduate of Arlington High School in the 1980s, I was a regular customer at your flagship store on weekends every month - and sometimes every week - as I bought current-issue favorites and select back issues while occasionally casting a curious eye at the (pre-CGC) high-grade wonders lined up along the back wall behind the counter. Both my family and friends joined me in so many of these exciting visits! With heartfelt gratitude.
— Brent R., Tucson, AZ

I LOVE ordering from your company. Mycomicshop has become my go-to for comic book purchases (This is my 8 or 9th time ordering from you). You are exceeding expectations when it comes to online retail. I really appreciate that you take the time to scan each cover, which must be very laborious given the impressive size of your inventory. It makes it more transparent when you're searching for individual issues, variant covers or just want a briefing of what the art style looks like first. The search option makes it so easy to find what you're looking for. I can search by artist or title and there's an advanced option too (which I've never needed to use, but it's very thorough). The delivery parcels: "Nuke proof" is right! The packaging you conduct has a level of preservation that has yet to be rivaled. I've never had any issues with delivery, but admire the fact there is an actual phone number I can call and speak to a real live human being should anything arise. The package has consistently arrived at (or sometimes even before) the date estimated. It is clear you have a dedicated team employed who are enthusiastic about what you sell. I wish you much continued success with your business in the new year. Warmest regards.
— Jono D., Montreal, Canada

As a long time comic book reader/collector I am furious that I did not find this website sooner. This website has made searching and buying comics that I need simple. I have been searching online and in stores for the complete Maximum Carnage series and every source I've found has been ridiculously overpriced and just pile on that money with outrageous shipping prices. I was able to find the entire collection that I wanted in literally under 3 minutes at a totally reasonable price. I could not be happier with the service that mycomicshop has provided me. Thank you.
— James C., Mississauga, Canada

Buddy, I have sold a lot of comics over the last 25 years. Some I sold too soon and some my timing was just right. I have found I am so much ahead by selling my groups of comics to you that I don't even consider selling online or locally anymore. My experience selling on eBay has been a nightmare. The fees that are charged are too high and keep going up. Not to mention the PayPal fees. I could live with all that except that eBay treats the buyers like they walk on water and the sellers like they are criminals. I sold an expensive comic online and the buyer wanted to return it, but when he did, he sent me back a different copy that was in poor condition. eBay still found in his favor and gave him his money back. Long story short is this, when I send a batch of comics to you I know I am going to get a fair price, I will not pay any commission, and I will not be left with bad feedback. The thing I like the most is when I get a personal phone call from you to make sure I am OK with your offer for my comics. Not just some cold email message. You have taken the pain out of selling vintage comic books. For myself and many collectors, the enjoyment is in the hunt for them and to swap them as we often can't afford to keep them all. Thanks again for all you and your people do.
— Rick B., Detroit Lakes, MN

Thank you so much for your prompt payment and notification. I have never experienced such excellent customer service with online transactions such as this. You are very professional. When I first spoke to you it made me feel confident to deal with Lone Star Comics. I look forward to doing more business.
— Jason D., Fresh Meadows, NY

I just wanted to say thank you for purchasing my comics via your online system. I tried my hand at grading and severely underestimated the value of the comics. When your people graded them, you gave them a higher grade so you ended up paying me double what I originally expected. This shows true integrity on your part. I will gladly recommend you to anyone else who asks.
— Mark D., Ellendale, MN

Love comics, love your website! Thanks for always being so great to deal with!
— Jonah S., Farmington, UT

After I declined the offer initially, you guys were nice enough to pull what I sent in, go over the reasons why my books received the grades they did, and reset my transaction so I could go back and approve the offer. Thank you for your help. The customer service I have received from you in the last few weeks since I've been using your site is even better than Amazon. I appreciate you guys!
— Ryan S., Kansas City, MO

We buy and sell a wide variety of items online, including comics. We have been in business since 2002. After a year of selling to Lone Star Comics online, we can unequivocally state that MCS is the best online buyer we have ever sold any industry. Here's why: 1) Their grading is strict but correct. Their buyers know they are getting a book whose quality matches the grade without question. 2) Integrity Integrity Integrity. We have personally followed comics we sold to MCS: MCS ALWAYS sold our comics at same grade they assigned when they bought them from us. 3) The customer service at MCS sets a standard to which all online companies should aim for: • Emails are answered within 24 hours without exception. • They have gone out of their way to honor special requests. • They are patient and helpful even in the face of problems on our end. • The graders are matter how large the lot or when we send it, the turnaround time is short and consistent. • ALWAYS professional. NEVER a negative attitude. • Problems are fixed immediately. • We have sold MCS Iron Man #1 one week and fifty low end modern comics the next. The treatment and service does not vary. 4) They offer fair and consistent prices. You will never feel gouged or low-balled. 5) Best consignment terms we have ever seen. We have calculated that it is more profitable to consign with and sell to MCS than it would be to sell our comics directly on eBay. 5) They regularly make improvements to the site and their processes. If you run a consignment shop, or buy online study MCS Keep up the good work, MCS!
— Richard H., Seattle, WA

I sent over three more boxes of comics on Saturday and they should get there today. While I'm writing, I want to say that your consignment program is the best in the business. I have stopped using anyone else and send all my consignment books to your guys. You are always really pleasant and easy to deal with and the process is very smooth for sellers. As a result, I also do much of my purchasing from Mycomicshop because I trust you guys in every respect.
— Michael D., Peoria, AZ

Buddy, You have made a friend. I knew that Lone Star Comics was a bit different then other comic book shops I had dealt with in my years of collecting and selling books. When I got ill and decided to liquidate my retail stock, I looked around and checked around out there but found no other comic book store that even comes close to Lone Star! You have been a kind and gentle soul! I don't know you personally, but after talking with you several times, I could tell you were a man of high moral values! Thank you. Yes, as you noted, comics do become a part of your being. Whenever I stopped at yard sales up in Fort Wayne, the first thing I asked for was did they have any comics. I am sure I will never quit being a collector and a avid fan of comics. While I was recently hospitalized I read comics to pass the time! Lord willing and I am able to beat this illness I hope to land into the mother lode of old Golden and Silver Age comics in someone's attic! If I do and want to sell them, I know who to call! The burden that has been lifted off me knowing that I was able to get rid of around 20,000 comics in one transaction has lifted a lot of stress from my life! Thank you, friend!
— Guy P., Wabash, IN

Hi Buddy, Here's another batch I'm ready to sell. Thanks, as always. You and your team make MyComicShop a pleasure to deal with. Sustaining this level of customer service day in and day out is no easy feat. But everyone I meet there exhibits the same outstanding customer service. I always get great communication from folks who sound like they love being there. No fakeness and no lip service. Whatever you're feeding these kids is doing the job!
— Mark D., Santa Barbara, CA

Hey guys! This the first time I've sold my comics to you, though I've been ordering from your site for over ten years now. You have the best selection, great prices, and I've always been pleased with my products once they arrive. I've spread the word through the years and now my friends order from you as well. If this transaction goes well, I will definitely be bringing my comics to you in the future. Thanks!
— Ben K., Vacaville, CA has been an incredible service that I would highly recommend to comic collectors like myself. Your staff and service have been extraordinarily professional! Many thanks!
— Matt H., Martinsville, IN

Hi Buddy, I used to buy comics by mail from you when I was a kid in Nesconset, NY with my friend Frank P. You gave us great service! Thanks for the memories!
— Rob P., Nesconset, NY

Your site is fantastic, an outstanding tool for collectors and fans. Over the years, I collected the comics and graphic novels I loved, heroes I followed, or just stories I enjoyed reading. Some from my childhood collection is here, but sadly my mother sold most of my comics in a yard sale while I was away at camp many years ago. Some of the comics I'm offering for sale are from my wife's childhood collection. A knowledgeable friend helped me grade the books, but I trust your judgment. He was also the one who told me 20 years ago to store them in bags, for which I am very thankful! From all of the comments of former customers, I know you will be very fair. Thank you for the opportunity and your great site.
— Steve G., Carmel, IN

I wanted to thank you for providing such a great website. Even apart from the ease at which we can buy and sell, it's a treasure trove of information on comics. Providing descriptions and photos for each individual comic has made your website one of my most visited sites on the internet. You're helping to make this hobby more fun AND affordable!
— Ryan L., Moses Lake, WA

I was not aware of the retraction option for sell/trade transactions. This is just one more reason why I continue to do business with you - selling, trading, and buying. I have been a loyal Lone Star Comic customer for over 30 years now and even though I no longer live in Texas, I have yet to find another comic store that offers what you all offer. In fact, I am readying another shipment of comics to send to you that should be leaving Colorado in the next 24 hours.
— Charles T., Louisville, CO

Dear Mr. Saunders, As a fan, I've been collecting and reading comics since I was twelve. And now as a school teacher, I use comics to help reluctant readers and as incentives for student performance. Over the years, I have found that it is hard to find reliable, affordable comic outlets with great service. Your website is a blessing and I hope to visit one of your Texas stores someday! In the meantime, I want to share what I have discovered with other collectors who love this medium as much as I do. Once again, thank you for everything you've done and keep up the great work!
— Lou R., Tampa, FL

I've been a long time buyer from MyComicShop, but this is my first time selling. I'm greatly impressed by how easy and straightforward the process has been so far. Thank you so much for your dedication to professionalism and your passion for the comics business! I know MyComicShop will treat me fairly, whether I am buying or selling.
— Emily T., Holstein, IA

Buddy and team, back for another trade. As always, highest marks on all aspects -- grading, prices, packaging, customer service -- you've got it all. On top of all of this, you've really added another level of fun to my hobby. I really enjoy trolling flea markets and yard sales looking for that book I can get for a bargain in order to trade up with Lone Star Comics for something that I want. Again, all the thanks in the world to Buddy and team.
— Robert F., Clayton, NC

Hello again to Buddy and the Lone Star Comics team. This is my 4th comics trade. No kidding around, I've been buying and trading for 25 plus years, but I've never been treated more fairly by anyone. Highest marks and kindest regards as always.
— Robert F., Clayton, NC

I have been a loyal customer for several years now. I must comment on your new website design: FANTASTIC! Your site really showcases the thought that went into it by your designers and product managers. I am responsible for the web site of a national cable TV network. We just went through a site redesign ourselves. Your site illustrates the passion and commitment your company has for the comic business. is not just an e-commerce site, but a site for comic references for collectors and non-collectors alike. This is how an e-commerce site should look. In addition, your site has a dedicated customer service team behind it. Thanks again for the great comics and customer service. I always come back because values the customer first. Cheers. P.S. As a technology leader (VP of Emerging Platforms) at my company, I would like to inquire about the technology your company utilized to construct the Lone Star Comics site. And if you are ever in our headquarter city, I extend an offer for a tour of our network.
— Andy D., A cable channel, USA

Wow Buddy, amazing to hear from you personally. Also just wanted to personally say thank you. I have been ordering from, which I found through ordering on eBay years ago. You guys have awesome prices and I always keep an eye on your preferred customer discounts as well. Every time I've had a concern or special requests, your staff has been courteous and prompt in replying and resolving any issues. Thanks for being there for my back issue needs.
— Daniel D., El Mirage, AZ

Just wanted you guys to know how much I appreciate your manner of conducting business. I've always been wary of doing business over the web and through the mail, but you have strengthened my faith that some still take pride in their work and operate with integrity. When recently deciding to sell a few of my comics, and having then peddled them around at local shops and on many web sites, your offer beat all the rest. So, taking the advice from your customer feedback, my comics were shipped on a Tuesday, and the "CASH-IN-A-FLASH" Lone Star Comics check was in my hand that coming Monday! Also, your free online system for recording, selling, and buying comics makes the entire trading process fun and easy! Thanks again for (as advertised) your fair offer, honest grading, speedy service, and prompt payment. I look forward to making Lone Star Comics and my first choice for a happy comic business experience.
— George L., Winston-Salem, NC

Hi guys, as a recent visitor to your Central Arlington Store (on 3/24/10), I wanted to praise store and staff. I am from Conway, Arkansas, which is just outside of Little Rock. I was so impressed by your staff. The assistant manager was there and he was incredibly nice and helpful. I had my seven year old daughter and three year old son with me. Your assistant manager was extremely nice to them, giving them free comics. They loved the free books and, along with the assorted books, toys, and sticker albums I bought for them, they left on Cloud 9. Your store looks terrific. I have traveled to New York a lot with my job and I think I have been in every hobby shop/game store/comic book store in the city along with pretty much every store in the Dallas area, as well as stores throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas. Last count, I think in the last 15 years, I have now been to over 120 different comic/game/hobby stores and I have never been in one nicer than yours. I ran a Hobbytown USA franchise for several years and have been to dozens of other Hobbytown stores along with the comic book stores I mention above and I have a deep appreciation for a nice store when I see it, and I have never seen one any better than yours, be it a Hobbytown USA franchise, a game store, or a comic book store. Great job guys!!! Stores like your Central Arlington store and the staff in it along with all of the joy the comics bring me and my kids are some of the reasons I have been collecting for nearly 30 years. Keep up the awesome work.
— Rodney P., Conway, AR

Hi Buddy, as a long time customer, I want to thank you for the great service and the wonderful packing when you ship ordered comics. My birthday was Feb. 17 and I bought myself Action #201 with the "Stone Man" story, a story I originally saw as a child on the old Superman TV series. It was the perfect gift and made my birthday. You guys are awesome!
— Herb B., Marina Del Rey, CA

Hi Buddy, thanks again for the terrific service. I've really enjoyed buying, selling, and trading with you and your staff this past year, and will continue to do so. Have a great week.
— Chris M., Munroe Falls, OH

I found Lone Star Comics online and noticed they were selling a Radio Orphan Annie booklet. I had several of these that I wanted to sell so I wrote them an email asking if they might be interested. Not sure if I would get any response, as a lot of companies don't answer emails, I was pleasantly surprised to see my email answered, and very promptly. Lone Star Comics asked if I would send some scans of my items to them so they could review what I had to sell. Mr. Buddy Saunders called me within a day of my sending the photos and we made a deal over the phone. Lone Star Comics has done everything we agreed to and more. They acted quickly and it was a very smooth and pleasant transaction. I have found a company with which I will be happy to do business with in the future, whenever I come across comic books or other items of related interest. Lone Star Comics is working hard to please their customers in a time when customer service is all but lost. I highly recommend Lone Star Comics for purchases as well as sales of comics. I don't believe you will find a finer group of people.
— Tom L., Bartlett, NH

Hi Buddy, just some random thoughts and thank yous I wanted to share. My observations are probably very obvious to many, but for some reason it has just dawned on me what a great service your business has provided for collectors. As you know, in the pre-internet days, it was almost impossible to complete most series, runs, sets or collections--enter the internet! Now a collector has a chance to fill those holes and not depend on one or more local sources or conventions and what they had to offer that particular day (often with attitude). Then you created the fantastic Lone Star Comics business and web site, an honest professional site with a great "want list" feature that improves any collector's chance to fill holes. I have used it repeatedly and with great satisfaction. Your latest buying list and system is a further stroke of genius--the greatest drop-ship option for collectors anywhere! I was talking to my wife about it the other day and feeling great about moving some of my collection your way when it dawned on me that I was not only helping myself, but your business as well, and the end-user collector who I don't even know but who wants these books from you for his/her collection Win-win-win. I'm happy, you are happy, and your customers are happy. Man, this is collecting heaven and a lot of folks, including me, are most appreciative. I know this sounds silly, but there is something wonderfully rewarding and very satisfying about sending you books that someone else needs/wants. Keep up the good work and have a great summer!
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

Dear all at Lone Star Comics, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order this morning and I was left completely speechless when I opened it! In my long years of shopping over the internet, I have never, ever seen such careful and loving packing of a book. Your dedication to the best service clearly surpasses any other experience I have had with any other bookstore in the world. Down to your beautifully written letter, signed by the owner ( which could only be topped if the letter was printed with a hand-written font :) ), this experience sincerely took me back twenty years. I was a kid again! Finding you was just like discovering a little heart-warming bookstore hidden away in my town. Thank you so much for your love and your dedication to comics. It's so nice to see that there are people and companies that care about their products and customers. You have certainly won my heart.
— Michael T., Athens, Greece

Hello Buddy, I hope you don't mind me writing to you personally about a shipment we just received, but I feel it is necessary to insure that the message and thanks get to you and your entire team. On behalf of myself and my son, I just wanted to convey our thanks for the top notch service, as always. It is refreshing and impressive to see the meticulous care taken on these books. I have never received such service when dealing with other retailers. Please pass this along to the rest of the gang there. My son and I will make it a point to keep doing business with Mycomicshop, the best retailer in the business. You guys are indeed the best. Keep the comics coming and keep up the great work. It is important to us when something special like the Spider-man books come along and we get fantastic copies. Again so many thanks. We look forward to working with Mycomicshop. We are your friends and devoted customers always.
— Richard B., Spokane, WA

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