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Order Terms

Customer Service Hours and Contact Information

Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9AM to 5PM Central Time. Our offices are closed Saturday and Sunday. You can reach us by phone at 1 (817) 860-7827 or by emailing

Timely Shipping And Delivery

All online orders ship same or next business day. Subscription Service orders ship by Thursday of each week according to the shipping frequency you've chosen (weekly, twice-monthly, monthly). Piggybacked megaorders must be charged before Wednesday to be included in a subservice shipment.


Payment must be made by credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express, or Discover) or PayPal. For subscription service orders, only credit card may be used, not PayPal.

If you are a new customer without an established history of ordering from us high value orders (at our discretion) must be paid by bank transfer, check, or money order. Once you have an established order history with us you will be able to use credit card or PayPal payment for higher value orders.

What happens if my order is lost or damaged?

Please see our return policy to see how we'll take care of you in the event something goes wrong.

First Printings, Reprints, and Newsstand and Direct Editions

All comics offered are original first printings unless otherwise noted.

Some comics were published in both a newsstand version and a direct edition that differ in little more than the barcode (one with a barcode, one without). Newsstand and direct editions are found most commonly in comics published by Marvel and DC between approximately 1982 and 1996, although they can also be found with other publishers or outside this year range.

In cases where there are sigificant differences between the newsstand and direct editions (cover enhancements, different cover art, etc.), we will list the newsstand and direct editions as two separate, clearly labeled issue listings. If the only difference between newsstand and direct is a minor difference in the barcode area, our issue listing may not differentiate between the two versions.

For comics priced $10 or more we will almost always provide a cover image showing you the exact comic offered in the listing. For comics below $10, we will usually show a a generic image of that issue, but not the exact comic you will receive. If that particular issue has both a newsstand version and a direct version, you might receive one or the other, and the appearance could differ slightly from the generic issue image shown. The image might show the newsstand version and you could receive the direct version, or vice versa.

Unfortunately, if our issue listings do not already differentiate newsstand or direct versions, we are unable to accommodate requests to only receive one type of issue or the other.

New Comics

We often restrict the number of new comics allowed to be purchased per person to ensure availability.

International Shipping Availability

Bulky and fragile items may be restricted to domestic orders only.

Order Changes

We cannot modify your order's contents once your order has been placed. This means we cannot do any of the following once you've placed your order:

  • Add or remove items from this order
  • Combine multiple orders into one order
  • Substitute one item for another
  • Substitute one condition for another if the condition you initially ordered is not available.

Order Cancellations

An order may be cancelled without charge if we notify you that 20% or more of the items you ordered were not found when your order was pulled. This can happen, although our fulfillment rate for all items is over 99.9% and for new comics it is virtually 100%. Please note that our inventory consists of several million comics and that our database contains more than 270,000 SKUs, most of which are available under several grades. While we maintain the largest and most accurate inventory in the world, it can never be perfect and unanticipated outages do occur.

Should you need to cancel an order, please call (817) 860-7827. Please note that if your order has already been checked in, and it does not have at least 20% unavailability, your order will be refunded less a 25% restocking fee.

Shipping to Prisons

Unfortunately we are unable to ship to prisons because orders shipped to prisons are frequently blocked by prison administration. Reasons they cite for blocking comic shipments include concerns about content as well as the potential for staples to be used to make weapons.

Shipping to Hotels

We may or may not be able to ship to a hotel. If you would like to ship to a hotel, please email us prior to submitting your order at to confirm your schedule. You will need to use a fast enough shipping method to insure reliable delivery during the time you will be at the hotel. We may decline to ship the order if we are not confident it will reach you during your stay at the hotel.


We will never release any of your information to any third party. For more information, read our Privacy Statement.

Account Termination

Lone Star Comics reserves the right not to do business with any customer, for any reason.