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Comic books in 'Marvel Epic Collection: Generation X'

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Generation X Back to School TPB (2021 Marvel) Epic Collection 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Collects The Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011 1st Series) #316-318, X-Men (1991-2008 1st Series) #36-37, Generation X (1994-2001) #1-9, Wolverine (1988-2003 1st Series) #94, Generation X Collectors' Preview (1994), and Generation X Ashcan Edition (1994).

    Written by Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, and Larry Hama. Art by Joe Madureira, Roger Cruz, Andy Kubert, Chris Bachalo, Mark Buckingham, Tom Grummett, Chris Alexander, Terry Austin, Dan Green, Tim Townsend, Matt Ryan, Mike Sellers, and Al Milgrom. Cover by Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham. Back Cover by Adam Kubert.

    Meet the new class!

    The techno-organic aliens known as the Phalanx have targeted the next generation of mutants - and now Banshee, Jubilee and the White Queen must rescue Synch, Husk, M, Skin and Blink! But will all of them survive to attend the newly reopened Xavier's School? The sullen Chamber and mysterious Penance enroll as well - but who is the marrow-sucking monster called Emplate and what is his connection to one of the students? As the Gen X kids adjust to their new lives, romance blossoms and rivalries form even as they battle Orphan-Maker, Gene Nation and more! But what can their mutant powers do against...magic?

    Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo's '90s sensation begins here!

    Softcover, 480 pages, PC/PB&W. Rated T

    NOTE: Book 1 of the Generation X Epic Collection - Years Covered: 1994-1995.

    Cover price $39.99.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Generation X Emplate's Revenge TPB (2022 Marvel) Epic Collection 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Collects Generation X (1994-2001) #10-23 and ANNUAL '95-'96, Generation X Convention Preview (1994) and material from The Incredible Hulk (1962-1999 Marvel 1st Series) Annual #1997.

    Cover by Joe Madureira. Back Cover by Chris Bachalo.

    The next generation of X-Men must grow up fast!

    Generation X welcomes the mutant called Mondo to their ranks - just in time for Omega Red to attack! And with Banshee lying at death's door, Chamber may be the last man standing! Then the team's deadliest and most horrifying foe returns: M's evil brother, Emplate! And he's hungry for more than vengeance! Even if the students can avoid becoming Emplate's next meal, will a surprising transformation consume one of their own?

    Plus: The White Queen goes to extreme lengths to protect the students from Onslaught, Franklin Richards joins the school in the wake of tragedy and Chamber and Husk's romance reaches a tipping point!

    Guest-starring Howard the Duck!

    Softcover, 488 pages, full color. Rated T

    NOTE: Book 2 of the Generation X Epic Collection - Years Covered: 1996-1997.


    Written by Scott Lobdell, Todd Dezago, Jeph Loeb, Michael Golden, Michael Wright, Bill Rosemann, and Stan Lee.

    Art by Tom Grummett, Val Semeiks, Pascual Ferry, Chris Bachalo, Mitch Byrd, Jeff Johnson, Ashley Wood, Shawn McManus, Kevin Lau, Steve Lightle, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Panosian, Vince Russell, Gary Chaloner, Jeff Matsuda, Rurik Tyler, Mark Buckingham, Al Milgrom, Mark Pennington, Jim Fern, Andy Lanning, Joe Rubinstein, Mark Morales, Mike Sellers, Joe Pimentel, Al Vey, Scott Hanna, Jason Martin, Andrew Pepoy, and Karl Story.

    Cover price $44.99.

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    $36 Generation X Epic Collection Vol 1 Emplates Revenge Marvel Comics

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  • Issue #1-1ST
    Generation X The Secret of M TPB (2023 Marvel) Epic Collection 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Collects Generation X (1994-2001) #24-32, #-1, Generation X (1995-2001) Annual #1997, X-Men Unlimited (1993-2003 1st Series) #16; Marvel Team-Up (1997 2nd Series) #1; Daydreamers (1997) #1-3; and Generation X Underground Special (1998). Written by Scott Lobdell, James Robinson, J.M. DeMatteis, Elliot S! Maggin, Ben Raab, Tom Peyer, Todd DeZago, Goerge Broderick, Jr., Andy Jozefowicz, and Jim Mahfood. Art by Dan Fraga, Melvin Rubi, Chris Bachalo, Joe Bennett, Pat Olliffe, Mark Buckingham, Martin Egeland, Jim Mahfood, Rick Leonardi, Mitch Byrd, Pop Mhan, Bryan Hitch, Lary Stucker, Rob Hunter, Al Vey, Scott Hanna, Joe Pimentel, Al Williamson, Howard M. Shum, Bud Larosa, Jason Martin, Paul Neary, Eric Cannon, Tim Townsend, Al Milgrom, and Jon Holdredge. Cover by Chris Bachalo and Al Vey. Back Cover by Dan Fraga and Lary Stucker. Nightmares and daydreams! When D'Spayre targets Generation X, can Chamber overcome his inner darkness? Then, Black Tom Cassidy attacks... with a secret weapon the team won't see coming! Meanwhile, Bastion has launched Operation: Zero Tolerance - and while Jubilee struggles to escape his manipulative clutches, Gen X faces the threat of the elements, the fury of the Sentinels... and the sting of betrayal! What horrible line will Emma Frost cross to ensure her students' safety? And amid the chaos, the shocking truth about M finally comes to light! Plus: Emma's past is revealed! Generation X meets Spider-Man! Artie, Leech and Franklin Richards journey into the unknown with Man-Thing and Howard the Duck! And Gen X like you?ve never seen them! Softcover, 480 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $44.99.