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Comic books in 'Marvel Epic Collection: Aliens'

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Aliens The Original Years TPB (2023 Marvel) Epic Collection 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Collects Aliens (1988 1st Printing) #1-6, Aliens (1989) 1st Printing #1-4, Aliens: Earth War (1990) #1-4 and material from Dark Horse Presents (1986-2000) #24 and 42-43.

    Written by Mark A. Nelson, Mark Verheiden, Paul Guinan, and Anina Bennett. Art by Mark A. Nelson, Paul Guinan, Ron Randall, Denis Beauvais, Roger Casselman, and Sam Keith. Cover by Denis Beauvais. Back Cover by Mark A. Nelson and Jim Bradrick.

    The galaxy's most terrifying creatures are coming for Earth!

    Years after the first two Aliens films, a Xenomorph attack in space leads the Colonial Marines to take action. Soon, the badly scarred Hicks and the now-grown Newt find themselves swept up in a dangerous mission to locate and destroy the creatures' homeworld! But when Earth itself is overrun by a Xenomorph outbreak, Hicks and Newt must join a renegade group fighting to reclaim the planet. Can an obsessed military man train Aliens to wipe out their own kind? And can an old friend help Hicks and Newt turn the tide - by capturing an Alien Queen Mother?

    Plus: An outer-space treasure hunt becomes a battle for survival when Aliens attack!

    Softcover, 448 pages, full color.

    NOTE: Book 1 of the Aliens Epic Collection - Years Covered: 1988-1990.

    Cover price $39.99.