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I.C.E. (2011 12 Gauge Comics) comic books

  • Issue #1
    I.C.E. (2011 12 Gauge Comics) 1

    (W) Doug Wagner (A) Jose Holder Blasting out of FCBD 2011! The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency (a.k.a. I.C.E.) is charged with keeping our borders secure. The politics are complicated, but they don't matter to Cole Matai, leader of the best tactical group I.C.E. has to offer. For him, it's all about protecting the public from men like Luis Morales, head of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel. Shockwaves hit three U.S. cities as members of his cartel are savagely murdered over a period of weeks, all at the hands of Morales. Cover by Brian Stelfreeze. Cover price $1.00.

  • Issue #2
    I.C.E. (2011 12 Gauge Comics) 2

    (W) Doug Wagner (A) Jose Holder Following a string of brutal drug-runner murders in the States, the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency's top tactical team is in hot pursuit of the killer. As they close in on the suspect (drug-kingpin Luis Morales), chaos erupts on the streets in a jumble of bullets and explosions! As the battle rages, Morales attempts to escape and I.C.E. agent Cole Matai is forced to leave his team and pursue the ruthless killer on foot! Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #3
    I.C.E. (2011 12 Gauge Comics) 3

    (W) Doug Wagner (A) Jose Holder The worm has turned and the ICE team is under attack! Luis Morales and his cartel are now on the offensive-taking the battle directly to Cole Matai and his elite tactical team while they are off-duty and alone. Unfortunately, this bold move by Morales will cost an ICE agent his life, causing Cole to take justice into his own hands-or die trying. Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #4
    I.C.E. (2011 12 Gauge Comics) 4
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    • Discounted from $2.50.
    • Discounted from $2.50.

    (W) Doug Warner (A) Jose Holder The battle for simple justice has turned deeply personal for ICE agent Cole Matai, who has left his badge in the states and illegally crossed the border into Mexico, seeking only revenge after the shocking events of the last issue. With his goal being to finish off Luis Morales once and for all, Cole takes the battle straight to the most ruthless criminal he's ever encountered. Two men, two knives, and a battle for the ages. Cover price $3.99.