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Complex City (2000) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Complex City (2000) 1

    Bulldog Malone is the top cop on Complex City. He's also a six-foot talking canine. In the debut issue of this fun-filled new series, which mixes science fiction, humor, adventure, and even a dash of super-heroics, Bulldog must contend with a foul-tempered creature called Shadowling, as well as a two-brained robot-for-hire. The McGuffin everybody's after is a small, unassuming-looking safe, contents unknown. Anything can happen in Complex City, and it usually does! From the creator of Bulletproof. Cover inks by Jerry Ordway! b&w, 32pg Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #2
    Complex City (2000) 2

    by J.E. Smith The conclusive issue! Trapped in the science lab by a wisecracking two-brained robot, top-cop Bulldog Malone employs an ever-escalating series of big guns against the metallic mercenary. But in the end, Science is the order of the day, as competing geniuses, fidge Dextro and Dr. Martin Handsome try to devise a method to deactivate the robot. b&w, 32pg Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #3
    Complex City (2000) 3

    Love is in the air, literally, when Complex City's greatest champion, Bulletproof, falls head over heels for the beautiful super-heroine called √úbermodel. First dates are never easy, but things get really dicey when BP's ex-girlfriend, an armed-to-the-teeth super-villainess, breaks out of jail and comes looking for revenge! In the bonus back-up story, with guest-pencils by Richard Doinguez (El Gato Negro), Bulletproof finds trouble at a comic book convention. b&w, 32pg Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #4
    Complex City (2000) 4

    by J.E Smith For 15 years, the legend of Crazy Quilt has grown. A macabre hooded figure dressed in stitched-together rags and bits of junk, some say that he has saved their lives, while others claim that he sucks the very life force from his victims. Police Inspector Bulldog Malone ?? still investigating the mysterious book discovered in issue #1 ?? crosses paths with Crazy Quilt, and finds himself locked into a confrontation he never expected. b&w, 32pg Cover price $2.50.