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All Your Comics (1944 Fox Giant) comic books

  • Issue #1
    All Your Comics (1944 Fox Giant) 1

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    Stories and art by Robert Kanigher, Frank Little, and Frank Godwin. Cover by E. C. Stoner. A collection of adventure and humor comics from Fox Feature Syndicate. The Puppeteer (aka Captain V), one of the wackier heroes noted in Jon Morris's League of Regrettable Superheroes, has a talking eagle sidekick and needs to hear Beethoven's Fifth to gain his super-powers; A crook disguises himself as a Scotland Yard detective to rob a bank; Pussy Katnip is evicted from her nightclub by the villainous Camelia Hump Slump, and she doesn't have the Katnip Fizz that provides her superpowers. Puppeteer: Murder Turns the Pages; Merciless the Sorceress; Gussie the Gob; Titan; Mr. Memory; One Round Hogan; Mike the M.P.; Dick Transom, The Screwy Sleuth; Crime At Number Nine; Karrots; Slap-Happy Bear; Sis and Junior; Pussy Katnip: Eviction Enigma; Roy Powers; Joy Family; Adventures of Connie; Red Kamphor; Red Robbins: The Gentleman Thief. 132 pages, Full Color. NOTE: This comic is a Fox Giant Comics Edition (25c cover price) which contains four remaindered Fox comics without their original covers. The first page of the first story for each remaindered comic may be missing as in Fox comics, the first story page was often on the inside front cover. Such missing story pages are not considered a defect. Cover price $0.25.